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Gwent Record Office




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Transcription of Agent’s pocket book

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Ewyas Lacy


1760 -1862


A small (approximately 5x4 inches) hand stitched book apparently for use by the Agent both in the office and on his travels, containing manuscript notes on the various properties of the Marquess of Abergavenny’s Herefordshire properties in Ewyas Lacy. The writing is mainly in ink and in a clear hand. By internal evidence it would appear to have been written in about 1864 with later annotations. The arrangement is geographical and follows the set of maps in the ’New’ survey (see D1583/187). The item is catalogued as: Notes on Abergavenny property in Herefordshire with Alphabetical index, reference to book of Maps, copy and leasehold properties etc with misc notes. There are several index pages to names of the copy and lease holders but these are not reproduced here.

For properties referenced to:-
Map 1, Upper Maescoed, Michaelchurch & St Margarets click here
Map 2, Lower Maescoed, Longtown & Newton click here
Map 3, Newton & Longtown click here
Map 4, Michaelchurch click here
Map 5, Michaelchurch click here
Map 6, Craswall & Michaelchurch click here
Map 7, Michaelchurch click here
Map 8, Craswall & Michaelchurch click here
Map 9, St Margarets & Michaelchurch click here
Map 10, Walterstone & St Margarets click here
Map 11, Crasswall and Llanveynoe click here
Map 12, Llanveynoe click here
Map 13, Longtown & Llanveynoe click here
Map 14, Longtown click here
Map 15, Fwthog click here
Map 16, Forest Hene, Craswall click here
Map 17, Craswall click here


Gwent Record Office- document MAN/A/151/0040


Specimen page



This document has been transcribed since it not only identifies the Marquess of Abergavenney’s properties in Ewyas Lacy but also shows how Custom and the legal devices used to manage the properties developed in the nineteenth century. It will be of interest to Family Historians in identifying the various families who held the land, their relationships, and the social conditions under which they lived

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