Ewyas Lacy Study Group: Transcriptions


We aim to transcribe selected documents of particular historical significance, to make their content both more widely accessible and fully searchable by the site search engine. They include some original manuscripts that are otherwise difficult to read. A selection of principal document transcriptions is listed below.
Other transcriptions can be found by entering 'transcription' in the search engine. Some of the original documents are also in the Digital Archive..


·         Architecture of Michaelchurch Court [1985 Survey]

·         Arthur Price Collection: Transcripts of documents relating to the Price family

·         Articles of Inquiry [1667 Survey]

·         Baker-Gabb Family and Allt-yr-Ynys

·         Boundaries of the Manor of Snodhill [1824]

·         Castles and Manors of Ewyas Lacy [Hezlett,1829]

·         Clothy Hopkin manorial records

·         Chancery Proceedings [Llangibby]

·         Deed to Longtown Castle [1920]

·         Duncumb: The Hundred of Ewyas Lacy [1812]

·         Ewyas Lacy Manorial Accounts

·         Ewyas Lacy Agent's Pocket Book 

·         Herefordshire Family History Society: Burials Index 1813-1839

·         Legends relating to Clodock Church

·         Marquess of Abergavenny’s Estate Act [1880]

·         Particulars of Sale of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy [c.1690-1700]

·         Poor Law relief in Longtown: Extracts from the Vestry minutes 1820-1840

·         Population Census 1901 – Extracts for Ewyas Lacy

·         Property of the Harley Family in Ewyas Lacy [Summaries]

·         Purchasers of the Abergavenny Estate [1920]

·         Rent Book of the manor of Newton

·         Report on the condition of Churches

·         Report of the Charity Commissioners on Meredith Maddy's Charity, 1840

·         Resettlement orders for Longtown paupers in the 1840s

·         Robinson: Castles of Herefordshire [Snodhill Castle]

·         Royal Commission on Historical Monuments [Herefordshire]

·         Sale of freehold properties in Ewyas Lacy [1866]

·         Survey of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy [Lord Abergavenny,1701]

·         Survey of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy [John Jeffreys,1705]


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