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Our website contains thousands of individual records of a wide range of original documents from different collections and archives and from a variety of historical periods. The links on this page can be used to browse these records by context, document type and source, or the search engine can tailor enquiries to your specific needs if our browsing criteria are not quite what you want.


Specific types of historical information are often found primarily in the context of sets of records that were kept for particular purposes. The links below allow browsing of the main areas providing such context for documents held on this website.
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Manorial Records , including Court Rolls and Surveys


Official Records , including Land Tax and Electoral Rolls

Personal Records of individuals, including letters and diaries


Parish Records , including Births, Marriages & Deaths

Probate Records , including Wills & Bonds



Property Records , such as Deeds and conveyances


 Ancient Writs , recording Crown interests





We gratefully acknowledge permission to draw on archive material from Record Offices and Libraries, and thanks are due to their staff for their interest and cooperation. Our sincere thanks also to owners of private collections who have let us access their documents.

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 Type of Document

The links below can be used to browse our records for specific types of documents, or put the relevant document description into the search engine.

Oral History
Newspaper Cuttings
Sale Particulars


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