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Royal Commission on Historical Monuments: Herefordshire, Volume 1: H 936.244


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Walterstone Camp: architecture, construction and history

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Up to 1700



(9). WALTERSTONE CAMP occupies the end of a spur, ½ m. E. of the church. The camp is a roughly circular enclosure of about 9 ¾ acres, including the defences, surrounded by three concentric ramparts with medial ditches; on the S.W. and N.W. the inner rampart is replaced by a scarp only. There is an entrance on the S.W. side consisting of a straight cutting through the ramparts. On the N.E. side there are two cuttings in the ramparts, the more northerly being, perhaps, the site of an original entrance. To the N.E. of the camp are remains of earthworks, mound, ditches and scarps which are probably unconnected with the camp and may be of comparatively recent date.



Condition—Fairly good.


Description documented c 1930 by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments


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