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Royal Commission on Historical Monuments: Herefordshire, Volume 1: H 936.244


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Great Cefn Farm: architecture, construction and history

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Michaelchurch Escley


Up to 1700



(23). Great Cefn Farm, house and barn, 500 W.S.W.   of  (22).    The   House   was   built   probably c. 1677, which date appears on the farm-buildings. It has a lower addition at the N. end. The entrance doorway has an old oak frame, and some old oak mullioned windows remain.


The Barn, N.E. of the house, is in four bays with a stable and loft, of two bays, adjoining on the E. The walls of the barn are pierced with narrow loop-lights and the roof-trusses are of queen-post type. In the S. wall of the stables are three old doorways with solid wood frames and rough stone labels. On the lintel of the middle doorway is inscribed the date 1677. The barn is probably a little earlier in date than the stables.


Description documented c 1930 by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments


Ordnance Survey Map Reference and Index of Parish Properties


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