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1760 -1862


From Tithe map © g gwatkin

Map No 14 – Longtown


No 1 to 8 inclusive
Copy granted 2 November 1821 to Robert Gwillim of Wain Herbert Clodock, Gent
for the Lives of Lessee then aged 71 (dead)  Robert Lewis of Cwm Dulas then aged 7 (son of Thos Lewis of same place, Farmer) and John Jones then aged 5 years (son of Sam. Jones of Wain Herbert, Yeoman since deceased – Robert Lewis alive resides in Gloucestershire.

[struck out- Copy sold to Philip Lewis of Newton – Name of Farm “Far House” sold about  8 or 10 years ago]
Robert Lewis sole life
See court  Roll page364
In possession of Mrs Jones, Ewyas Harold by purchase
Nos. 1, 2- Longtown Nos. 1077, 1176 to 1179, 1208 to 1213, 1165, 1171, 1345 & 1346
Acreage 68-0-25
Rent 4/9


No 9 to 14 inclusive
Copy granted 28 Sept1792 to Benj. Fallowes
for the Lives of Samuel Jones (dead) James Pitt (dead) and Hannah Pitt [struck out -died 5 April 1856] Purchased by Howell Nicholls - Hannah Pitt still alive residing near Hay and now aged 92 years
See Court Roll page 204
Hannah Pitt now Hannah Thomas reside near Hay with one David Meredith
Longtown 1078, 1079, 1080, 1083, 1084, & 1087 – 31a.1r.12p
Rent 2/3½


No. 15 to 27 inclusive
Copy granted 10 My 1823 to John Price of the Wain in the Township of Longtown, Farmer
for the Lives of John Price then aged 27 (dead) and Thomas Price then aged 25 (dead) (sons of Lessee) and Henry Llilwell then aged 3 yrs (son of Thos Lliliwell of Trewern, Longtown, Framer) – Henry Llilwell sole life, lives at Abergavenny and is a Shopman at Morgan (Draper’s)
now in possession of Mrs Elizabeth Price, Widow of Grantee
See Court Roll page 371
Longtown 1014, 1015, 1016, 1070, 1073 1074, 1081, 1082, 1090 to 1100, 1106, 1107 & 1108
Acreage 87a.0r.3p
Called “Tir Moody”
Rent 6/-


No 30 to 36 inclusive
[ line unread]…. George of Longtown, Yeoman
for the Lives of Lessee then aged 31 (dead), Mary Ann his wife then aged 36 and Wm Parry George (eldest son of Lessee) then aged 5 yrs. Lessee only dead.
Now in possession of Wm Parry George the son who resides on the premises
See Court Roll page 403
Longtown 985 to 988 & 1299 to 1303 [struck out - 1306, 1307, 1308 and 990. - 60a.1r.34p]
Acreage 43a.0r.0p
Rent 3/9



No. 28, 29
Lease granted 25 March 1847 to said Wm Parry George
for the Lives of Wm P. George then aged 21, Phillip George then aged 14 (dead) and Sarah George then aged 12 (sons and daur of Lessee).
In possession of said Wm P George – Sarah also alive, Phillip dead.
Longtown 1306, 1307, 1308 & 990. - Acreage 20a.3r.38p


No 37, 38, 39
Lease Granted 29 Sept 1807 to David Jones of Longtown, Yeoman
for the Lives of Lessee (dead) Mary Davies (dead) and Sarah Price (now Sarah Lillwell of Maindee Newport Mon,. Widow) then aged 15 years
Longtown 1020, 1022,& 1023. – Acreage 8a.3r.36p




Use of capitals, spelling and punctuation have been retained. To ease readability some line breaks have been introduced. Some abbreviations have been expanded. Brackets - ( ) are as document. Brackets - [ ] indicate text struck out or added information. The Field numbers used for primary identification are those used in a survey made before 1800 (see D/1583/208) and predate those of the Tithe surveys of the 1840’s.

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