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Royal Commission on Historical Monuments: Herefordshire, Volume 1: H 936.244


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Ruthland Farm: architecture, construction and history

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Up to 1700



(32). Ruthland Farm, house, cattle-shed and barn 400 yards N.W. of (31). The House is of two storeys with attics and was built on a rectangular plan in the 16th century. Alterations made in the I7th century probably include the building of the chimney-stack at the S. end of the house and the reconstruction of the ground-floor ceiling. All the windows retain their old oak frames and were originally divided into lights by diamond-shaped mullions. Inside the building the cross-partition on the ground floor is original. The staircase against the W. side of the N. chimney-stack has solid steps of oak. The roof has four trusses.


The Cattle-shed, to the W. of the house, is of one storey with a loft above. In the N. wall is a window, with an old oak frame, originally divided into four lights by diamond-shaped mullions. In the E. wall are four doorways, three of which have chamfered frames and battened doors. In the S. and W. walls are loop-lights. The Barn, E. of the house, retains portions of an old rubble wall and an old roof-truss which belonged to an earlier barn, possibly of 17th-century date.


Condition—Of house and cattle-shed, poor.


Description documented c 1930 by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments


Ordnance Survey Map Reference and Index of Parish Properties


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