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Royal Commission on Historical Monuments: Herefordshire, Volume 1: H 936.244


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Ponthendre Castle Motte and Bailey

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Up to 1700



(4) PONTHENDRE MOTTE AND BAILEY (Plan, p. xxxiv), known as the Mound, W. of Middle Pont-hendre, 650 yards N. of Clodock church, is situated on a spur of the foothills of the Black Mountains with the surrounding ground rising on the W. and sloping rapidly towards the streams on the N.E. and E. and with an easier fall towards the S. The motte (Plate 1) is practically circular, about 51 yards in diameter at the base, and rises to a height of between 30 and 40 feet above the surrounding dry ditch. To the N.E. is an irregularly shaped crescent-bailey protected by a scarp only, except at its junctions with the motte-ditch where there are two lengths of rampart some11 ft. above the bottom of the ditch.

Condition—Of motte, good;   of bailey, poor.



Plate 1



Description documented c 1930 by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments


Ordnance Survey Map Reference and Index of Parish Properties


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