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Royal Commission on Historical Monuments: Herefordshire, Volume 1: H 936.244


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Llancillo Court, House, Stables and Mound: architecture, construction and history

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Up to 1700



(2). MOUND at Llancillo Court, (Plan, p. xxxv), 90 yards E. of the church, consists of a circular motte about 43 yards in diameter surrounded by a dry ditch with an outer rampart extending for about 20 yards along the W. side and widened at the southern end into a slight mound. Around the top of the motte are traces of rubble walling of a former keep or structure but now mostly covered with soil. On either side are traces of scarps, banks, etc., which are probably of later date, but some scarps inclosing a small stream on the N. side of the site possibly formed part of additional defences. Forty yards N.W. of the motte is a small rectangular mound about 2 ft. high, and in a field on the E. side of the stream and about 190 yards E. of the motte is a small portion of a deep ditch and traces of banking.


Condition—Fairly good.





(3). Llancillo Court, house and stables, 210 yards E.S.E. of the church. The House is of half H-shaped plan with the wings extending towards the W. The Southern projecting wing was remodelled late in the 18th century, and the northern wing was built shortly afterwards, but probably incorporates an older structure. A modern extension has been added on the N. end of the house. There are old projecting chimney-stacks, with weathered offsets below the shafts, on the N., S. and W. sides of the building, but in each case the shafts have been rebuilt in later brick. In the N. wing is an old battened door on a chamfered frame and inside the building on the first floor is a six-panelled door of late 17th-century date.


The Stables, S.E. of the house, are of one storey with a loft above, reached by an external flight of stone steps. The roof has been largely reconstructed but retains two old trusses of braced rafter type. The door to the loft and a window in the gable have old wood frames.


Description documented c 1930 by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments


Ordnance Survey Map Reference and Index of Parish Properties


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