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At an auction held on the 30th October 1866 at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, 52 Lots of Monmouthshire and Herefordshire properties were offered for sale on the instructions of the Marquess of Abergavenny. Of these, eleven were in Ewyas Lacy and one in Ewyas Harold the others all being in Monmouthshire.

The sale realised £7261 but with 14 properties, with a total reserved price of £7852, being unsold on the day. Abergavenny solicitors Messrs Walford & Gabb, who arranged the sale on behalf of the Marquess were disappointed with the sale but reported to the Marquess that if the reserved prices could be lowered there was some prospect of additional sales being negotiated. Agents for the Marquess recommended that some reserves could be marginally reduced but suggested that Land should not be sold at less than £10 per acre.

All the Lots in his Lordships Manor of Ewyas Lacy were properties which had previously been Copyholds held for lives which had expired and had not been renewed.

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Lot 41 In Michaelchurch Escley, Cottage & Land
Lot 42 In Michaelchurch Escley, Land
Lot 43 In Michaelchurch Escley, Land
Lot 44 In Michaelchurch Escley, Land
Lot 45 In Michaelchurch Escley & Newton, Land
Lot 46 In Newton, Land
Lot 47 In Newton, Barn, Outbuilding and Land
Lot 48 In Newton, Land
Lot 49 In Newton, Land
Lot 50 In Llanveynoe, Land
Lot 51 In Craswall, Land


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For correspondence about the Sale see Gwent Record Office documents ref D1583/139/6


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