Digital Archive Index: Stewards’ Records of Leases and Copyholds in Ewyas Lacy


1660 - 1920


The Lord of the Manor’s estates were normally managed by a Steward, who usually maintained his own working records of Lease and Copyhold grants and rents in addition to the Court rolls. Stewards’ records for the Manor of Ewyas Lacy are available as follows:



A summary of all Manorial Records can be found here .


Further information of a broadly similar nature concerning properties and tenancy in the Manor of Ewyas Lacy can be found in the Digital Archives of Manorial Surveys and of Manorial Court Records


Most of the Lease and Copyhold records relate to the moiety of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy in the hands of Lord Abergavenny.


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Ref: rs_dic_0205