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Herefordshire Record Office


P82/11/8836 [LC Books]


Original document


Quitclaim: Michaelchurch Mill [transcription]

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Michaelchurch Escley




To all [?] people to whome this p(re)sente writinge shall come to be seene read or heard I James Harry Howell of Michaelchurch Escley in the county of Heref(ord) yeoman sende greetinge in our lord god [?everlastinge] Knowe yea that I the said James Harry Howell for good [?causes] and valuable considerations me hereunto [?especially] [moveinge] have [remised] [released] and for ever [quite] clayme and by these p(re)sents doe [?for] [my] [selfe] my heires [?executors] [?administrat(or)s] and assignes [?readily] freely and absolutely dischardge [remise] [release] and quite clayme unto Phillip Watkine of the p(ar)ish of Ewias harrold in the said county of Heref(ord) yeomn and Johan his nowe wife all my right title interest use possession [revercon] and [revercons] clayme and demannd whatsoever w(hi)ch I now have or hereafter may have or that my heires or assignes any way may have of in and to all that messuage tenemt and [?fearme] and one garden [watercorne] or grist mill thereunto belonginge and one meadowe belonginge and adjoyneinge to the said mill conteyninge by estimation three acres be it more or less and all [?millstones] [?wheeles] [weares] waters watercourses woods [?woodgrounds] [banks] [stancks] [?sluces] materialls wayes folds yards banksides [comons] right of [comon] [?waste] easemts [?comodities] and app(ur)tenances thereunto belonginge situate [lyeinge] and beinge [w(it)hin] the said p(ar)ish of Michaelchurch Escley in the aforesaid county of Heref(ord) and meareinge and adjoyneinge to the river of Eskeley the lands sometimes of one [?Owen] [ap] Powell and to a p(ar)cell of land sometimes in the occupation of Harry Howell the father of the said James called [?Cay] [Mawer] To have and to hold all the said messuage and other the [beforemenconed] premisses w(i)th theire and any of theire app(ur)tenances unto the said Phillipp Watkine and Johan his said wife and the heires of the said Phillip Watkine to the only and [?prop(er)] use & behoof of the said Phillip Watkine and Johan and the heires of the said Phillip for ever [w(i)thout] any manner of [condicon] [reservacon] or remaynder whatsoever Soe that [?neither] of the said James Harry Howell nor my heires exec(utor)s administrators or assignes nor any other p(er)son or p(er)sons [in] [my] or [our] [name] or [names] or [in] [my] or [our] right or title shall or may challendge clayme have or [?p(re)tende] to have challendge or clayme any estate right title or interest in or to the premisses with the app(ur)tenances nor any p(ar)te or p(ar)cell thereof but be forever thereof [& ] [?thereout] utterly debarred [& ] excluded by these p(re)sents In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand [& ] seale the sixth day of March in the eighteenth yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god kinge of England Scotland [?Frannce] and Ireland defender of the faythe […illegible…]

Signed [?Jacobi] Harry Howell

Sealed and delivered in the presence of

William Watkine [?Traherne]

Abraham [?Price]

Walter Phillips


The original document is difficult to read. Words that are unclear and/or inferred from context are shown in square brackets with a question mark. Documents P82/11/8837 and P82/11/8843 are also related to this transaction.

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Ref: rs_mic_0114