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Digital Archive: Photograph of Trenant Mill

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Photograph of Trenant [Trennant] Mill near Peterchurch in the Golden Valley , showing the overshot waterwheel. The photograph is thought to date from the early 1900s.



According to the manorial papers of the Delahay family of Urishay , their holdings in the 17th and 18th centuries included the Manor of Trenant, also known as Trilers Hope, and this manor included Trenant Farm and Trenant Mill amongst other properties.

Trenant Farm was acquired by the Michaelchurch Court Estate sometime prior to 1815. However, when the Court Estate was sold in the nineteenth century there is no mention of Trenant Mill in the 1815 sale particulars although Mill Meadow is listed as part of Trenant Farm; the 1863 sale particulars list Mill Meadow and Mill Field but again contain no reference to the mill itself.

The Delahays evidently retained Trenant Mill as a separate holding in their estates when they disposed of Trenant Farm. It was eventually offered for sale in 1913 as part of the disposal of the Urishay Court Estate, where it is described as a water flour mill “in excellent order, fitted with stones, dressers etc.”





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