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Transcription of Cwmyoy and Llanthony Manor Court Rolls [part]

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Oldcastle, Redcastle




Cwmyoy and Llanthony Manor Court Rolls. Gwent Archives.  [Latin script translated  by John Rhodes of Gloucester]

Transcription by Arthur Price, reproduced with his kind permission.



Oldcastle. 1609. 4/8.

Riceus [Rees] William John holds from the Lord of the Forest at will for rent at 12d a year.


Oldcastle. 1609. 4/8.

James ap Price on the fifteenth day of December in the sixth year [1563?] of the reign of [illege but probably Elizabeth?] took from the Lord a messuage with all its tenements situated in Oldcastle to hold to him and three assigns rendering 10s and 8d, a herriot of best animal. The said James assigned the premises to William John Thomas, the same William assigned it to a certain George William which George assigned it to John George William now the tenant only for the term of his life.


Redcastle. 1609.6/8.

Rees William John on the seventh day of April on the twenty second year [1580] of the reign of Elizabeth came and took from the Lord two closes, two enclosures of arable land and pasture of which one called Ynis Pen y Bont contains nine acres and another called Crow yr Eg Lewis contains one and a half acres- to hold to him self and three assigns at the usual fealty and a herriot [rest illege].  The said Reece assigned the premises to John Parry John Ychan.



This branch of the Price family subsequently acquired extensive property and interests in many of the parishes of Ewyas Lacy, and further references can be found here.


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