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Hereford Record Office




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Partial transcription of indenture between John Price and others relating to properties including Michaelchurch Mill

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Michaelchurch Escley, Walterstone, Clodock




Hereford Record Office. N53 LC1198. 1680 John Price of Waterstone Gent.

This Indenture made the seventh day of November in the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second by the Grace of God of England and Scotland and France and Ireland and King and Defender of the Faith. And in the year of our Lord one thousand and six hundred and eaightie. Betweene John Price late of Cloodocke in the Countie of Hereford and now in the Parish of Llantilio Crossenny in the Countie of Monmouth Gent of the one part And James Springett of the parish of Grossmont in the said Countie of Monmouth Gent and Lewis Williams of the town of Abergavenny in the Countie of Monmouth Gent on the other part. Whereas the said John Price by his deed Indenture and bearing the date the daie next before the daie of the date of this indenture, for the consideration, therin explained did bargain and sell unto the said James Springett and Lewis Williams. All those several messuages lands and tenements and heredimants herein, hereafter mentioned. That is to say. All the messuages or tenements with the appurtances – wherein one Henry Powell doth now dwell and inhabite situate lying and being in the Parish of Walterston in the said Countie of Hereford and all houses out houses and edifices, buildings, gardens,orchards, lands and tenements orchards , lands and tenements [two words?] pastures woods underwoods wains waterscourses wastes, condons rents recuson, securities and herediments whatsoever there unto belonging or in any way wise appertaining reputed knowne or taken , as parte [?] member thereof with the user and every of the use rights membersand appurtances All that Messuage or Tenement {repeats same words as before] in Llanvihangel Crucorney in the saide Countie of Monmouth and now in the tenure and occupation of Jane Thomas Widdow. And all that messuage and tenements together with the water Grist Mill lands meadows [ etc] situate lying and beinge in the parish of Michaelchurch Escley in the Countie of Hereford aforersaid nowe in the tenure and occupation of James Rytt. All that messuage tenement lands, meadows [?] pastures woods underwoods and herediments whatsoever with appurtances situate lying and beinge in the parish of Clodock in the County of Hereford nowe in the tenure and occupation of Sibble Price Whidd. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all the singular the said messuages or tenements, remits ents returns securities. And all other the herediments and premises with their appirtances before herein mentioned, to be [?] of several tenures and occupations of Henry Powell Jane Thomas Whidd James Rytt and Sibble Price Whidd in the several Counties of Hereford and Monmouth, unto the said James Springett and Lewis Williams theire heirs and assigns from the daie next before the date hereof unto the end and term of one year from the next following. To the intents that by [venture?] thereof and of the stautue for the transferring of uses into possessions the said James Springett and Lewis Williams might bee in the actuall possession of the said messuages [etc] and all other premises whatsoever with all their appurtances [etc] for the use of their heirs and assigns for ever, as by this said articles indentures more at large appeareth, Now by this indenture witnesseth that the said John Prise as as well for in consideration of the marriage already had and solomised betweene the said John Price and Margaret his nowe wife, Eldest daughter of William Pritchard of llantillio Crossenny in the said Countie of Monmouth Gent. And in [?] of certain conditions and agreements mentioned and executed for and in certain pairs of articles of agreement Indented and bearing date the 10th daie of Januarie in the 17th year of the reign that nowe is, and for the stettling of a competent jointure unto and upon the said Margaret, and for the abantment and presentment of the said Margaret and of the heirs and issues of her body by the said John Price begotten or to be gotten, as allsoe for [?] other and [?] considerations [?] there unto mouraige Hath given granted alined relised and confirmed ; and doth by this presentment give grant alined release and confirmed unto the said James Springett and Lewis Williams in their actual possesion ….. continues


[Rights reserved to John Price wife Margaret and any heirs. He signs John Prise in a bold confident hand. ] Yearly value of six and forty pounds.

This document was produced as evidence in the 1709 Court case John Price v John Price and others. Written on the outside was the following:

Memorandum this Deed was showed unto James Springett att [the] time of his examination in this Court before us. [3 signatures follow, two indecipherable the other ] Thos Price




This guest transcription was made by Arthur J Price as part of his research into his family history in Ewyas Lacy and vicinity.


John Price’s ownership of the property and mill at Michaelchurch Escley referred to in the above indenture was also the subject of a legal case against the Price family at the Court of Exchequer in 1686, papers relating to which have been transcribed and can be viewed here. A Thomas Springett sat with the commissioners hearing that case, and if the James Springett referred to above as having leased the Mill was related, it is possible to speculate whether there was some conflict of interests involved.

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