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Sale Particulars for Michaelchurch Court estate and the manors of Craswall and Ewyas Lacy

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Ewyas Lacy




Detailed particulars for the auction as one combined lot [tenants in square brackets] of Escley Court Mansion [JD Kedward], Escley Court farm [Hugh Dallas], Bank farm [William Sherrat], Escley Mill [Thomas Realey], Firs farm [David Paton], Wilderness farm [William Moreton], Bridge farm [Alexander Gordon], Rhyd-y-Bach farm [John Eames], Castle farm [Joshua Parry], Gworlod Vain farm [James Howells], Goods farm [James Howells], Llandraw farm [George Stephen], Duke’s farm [David Strachan] and Forest Mill [William Shaw], together with the Sun Inn [George Watkins], the school room [Hugh Hassack], Firs Cottage [James Will] and other properties and parcels of land, and Trenant farm in Peterchurch. Details of the fields and areas of each farm are given and there are accompanying maps. The ‘Manor or reputed Manor’ of Crasswall and of Ewyas Lacy are both included in the sale.


The sale catalogue has been photographed and can be downloaded as a pdf file from the Digital Images Collections held on this website [click here to access]

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Ref: rs_ewy_0133