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Digital Images Collection: Photographs of Survey of Ewyas Lacy for Lord Bergavenny

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Ewyas Lacy




Photographs of the original manuscript survey document of 1711. Follow the links below to view photographs of the  relevant pages of the survey for each parish or township and type of lease, including the names of the tenants, description and names of the property or land held, rents, herriots or other considerations payable, and other details. Links are to PDF files containing high definition images; bear in mind when downloading them that file sizes may be large.


[1] Longtown Freeholders

[2] Burgage Rents

[3] Llanveynoe Freeholders

[4] Michaelchurch Freeholders

[5] Newton & St Margarets Freeholders

[6] Walterstone Freeholders

[7]Trevedow & Foothog Freeholders

[8] Craswall Freeholders


[9] Longtown Leases

[10] Llanveynoe Leases

[11] Lower Maescoed Cottagers

[12] Upper Maescoed Cottagers

[13] Forest Hene Leases

[14] Foothog Leases


[15] Longtown Copyholders

[16] Llanveynoe Copyholders

[17] Michaelchurch Copyholders

[18] Craswall Copyholders

[19] Newton & St Margarets Copyholders

[20] Manor of Ewyas Harold

[21] The Lord’s Wood Cottagers


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