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Lord Abergavenny’s Estate: Copyholders and Leaseholders

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Ewyas Lacy




This is a hand written document annotated on the cover:

“dates of leases   -  present lives  -  a short particular of the premises”


Each entry shows the name of the holder, the day, month and year the lease was granted, a brief description of the property and acreage, and the names of the lives on which the holding is secured.



Names of the copyholders and leaseholders have been transcribed here; for other details of each entry follow the links below to download high definition photographs of sections of the original document [large files c.3Mb]


Part 1: Copyholders


Names of copyholders in Crasswall:

John Lewis, Phillip Parry, Sible Pritchard, John Morgan, Marg. Price, John Jones, James Jenkins, Thomas Price, William Downes, Lewis [?Chambre], [?] Symonds


Names of copyholders in Lanveyno [Llanveynoe]

Isaac Bate Price, John Shirburn, William Watkins, Amos Nichols, William Price, Arnold George, Robt Gwillim, Arnold Price, Elizabeth Price, John Watkins


Names of copyholders in Newton & St Margarets

Walter Marsh, Sir Hungerford Hoskins, [?] Morgan, John Rumsey, Thomas Pearse, Curtis Hale, Mrs Davis, John Roberts


Names of copyholders in Michael Church [Michaelchurch Escley]

John Lewis, James Harris, Walter Harris, Nicholass Johnson, William Watkins, Thomas Harris, Bridges, Walter Marsh, William Roberts, John Brewster, Symon Exton, Thomas Beavan, David Lewis, Thomas Smith, Lewis Jenkins, Miss Allens, David Jones [?[, Dinah Nicholass


Names of copyholders in Longtown

William Jones, James Pitt, Elizabeth Parry, William Watkins, John Rogers, James Williams, John Gwillim, Hedges Wain, Sible Prichard


Part 2: Leaseholders


Crasswall leaseholders names

[?] Davis, Thos Miles, Thomas Watkins


Forest Hene leaseholders names

Eliz Jones, William Prosser, John Jenkins, James Jones, William Prosser, David Anthony, William Watkins, [?] Jones, James Hughes, Sam.ll Jones, Davis Gilbert, John Lewis, [?] Kinsey, Widw. [?Gwin], John Gilbert, James Jones, Sam.ll Jones, James Jones, William Davis, Widw. Jones, John Davis, John Gilbert, Widow Gwin, Hellen Powell, Lewis Jenkins

Leaseholders in Forest Hene  Names continued

Mary Griffiths, John Anthony, Samuell Morgan, John Jenkins, Marg.t Jones, John Davis, Thomas Thomas, Thomas Price


Michael Church leaseholders names

Walter Harris, James Prosser, [?] Davis, John Smith, Humphrey Prosser, Robert [?Frances], James [?Gwnow], Mrs Perkins, John Williams, Widow Morgan, Robert Frances,


St Margarets leaseholders names

Clement Price, David Jones, Thos. Pitt, John Watkins, Widw. Edwards, John Thomas, [?] Pitt, [?]

St Margarets leaseholders names [continued]

Phillip Seaborn, Abrahm [sic] Mills, Ann Powell, Ann Williams, James Hughes, Thomas Jennings, Elizabeth Lewis, John Hopkins, John Williams, John Harris, John Seaborn, David Jones, John Beavan, Sarah Morgan, William Price, Thomas Price, John [?Gething], Thomas Probert, Thomas Eustance, Ann Jones, John Smith, Ben Prichard, David Jones, Nathaniel Price


Lower Mesecode [Maescoed] leaseholders names

Edmond Lewis, John Phillips, John Bagley, William Arnold, James Loyd [sic], Rachell Jones, James Lewis, Eliz. Price, John Parry, John Davis, Evan Davis, Rachell Jones, John Price, Charls [sic] Thomas, Edmond Lewis, John Lewis, Roger Williams, John Phillips, Edmond Lewis, Charles Thomas, James Beavan, John Powell, Thomas Williams, Phillip Lewis, Edmond Lewis, Thomas Phillips, Rachelle Jones


Names of leaseholders in Longtown

Maddox, Henry Phillps, Mrs Tomkins, Elizabeth Parry, John Symonds


Names of leaseholders in Walterston [Walterstone]

James Lane, Elizabeth Gilbert, John Prichard, David Gwillim, John Morgan, William Watkins


Names of leaseholders in Lanveyno

Widow Prosser, William Prichard, William Watkins


Names of leaseholders in Foothog [Fwthog]

Edward Lewis, David Watkins, Phillip Price, William Lewis, Eliz Price, William Jones, Henry Powell, George Jones, William Griffiths, Edward Lewis, Wm. Jones, Nicholass Price



Document also contains names of leaseholders in Ewyasharrold [Ewyas Harold]

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