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Photographs of the chapters of a Booklet headed ‘From one generation to another; 520 – 1938; The parish Church of St. Clodock, Herefordshire; A King, A Church, A Parish’ written by the Rev. H Astbury, illustrated by WH Gleave and published in 1938.


The booklet describes the history of Clodock church and its development from Norman times through the Middle Ages to the present. The ancient legend of Clydawg, King of Ewyas, is recited, along with other stories such as the use of the church by Cromwell’s soldiers during the English civil war. The architecture of the church is described in detail, including Elizabethan carvings and the inscriptions on gravestones and memorials. Neighbouring churches and religious houses in Ewyas Lacy are mentioned, including churches at Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown, St Margarets and Walterstone, plus Craswall Priory, Llanthony Abbey and the monastery at Capel-y-Fynne [Capel-y-Ffin]. Bronze Age remains at Walterstone are mentioned. Brief biographical details of some Vicars of Clodock are included.


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The full text can be viewed by following the links below, in the form of one document for each chapter of the booklet, each containing multiple images of the relevant pages large enough to be easily read on-screen. The file sizes are large, and may take some time to download.



Chapter I: ‘An ancient British foundation’ [including Foreword and Preface]



Chapter 2: ‘Clodock church today’



Chapter 3: ‘Some Vicars of Clodock’



Chapter 4: ‘Historic neighbours’



Chapter 5: Conclusion and acknowledgements




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