Genealogical notes on the Price family in Ewyas Lacy parishes and vicinity


1700s 1800s


Guest Contribution: Introduction
The genealogy of the Price family in the vicinity of Ewyas Lacy has been researched by Arthur Price, who has kindly given permission for some of his notes to be reproduced here.  The record includes a journal of the Reverend Philip Price held at Gwent Record Office; family archives; extracts from the Carmarthen Diocesan Registry; and Bishops’ Transcripts and Parish Register for Walterstone. There are some additional comments by Arthur Price, including a distinction between three generations of Philip Price referred to as I,II, and III: these comments are indicated in square brackets [  ].

Gwent Record Office. D982.7
Rev Philip Price’s [III] year book. 1792 .  [Extracts taken of more interesting items.]

“Settled then with my Aunt Hopkins concerning the payment of the hundred to be left to [?] the  youngest of her children now living by her late husband David Hopkins, comes of age up on condition that she pays me 4% interest for the same annually.”

“Paid to James Gilbert for cyder £3 3s  1792.”

“In the year 1792 May 8th I came then to the Veadow as a Boarder at 12£ a year being the sum agreed for with William Price [possibly his future brother in law, but could also be one of the Rowlestone Prices] upon such condition that if he, or me, should come to part at any quarter of the year and that is from the time I came to him as a boarder: giving proper notice to each other is to be sufficient to separate us.
May 8th Likewise agreed with him for the tack of my mare the whole year from the time she came there for one shilling per week but if the said mare should happen to be in foal and should I desire to keep her better than if she should happen not to be in foal there is to be a fresh bargain.”

As an example:

“For the year 1793 to May 8th 1794 Paid William Price for my board
For the mare and colt
He had of me 16 guineas.
Due to me 6 shillings.”



“July the 28th 1792
Agreed then with Phoebe Price for the wash for me until the 8th May 1783 for one guinea.” [She also has sisters]

“On Friday the 25th May. James Price was married at the Grosmont to Mary Gilbert of the Lower Goytre”.

“June the 11th 1792.
Received a letter from Dr Lentley acquainting me that the future quarterly payment for the future will be £5 15s 6d one Q being due the 16th April last.”

“In the year 1799 July 20th I settled with George Wall for one year board being the sum of £14 due the 21 May 1799. [He was married by licence on the 17th June 1799 at Rowlestone parish church to Elizabeth Price, youngest daughter of John Price of Walterstone (Vineyards Farm) sister of John Price (Druggist of Abergavenny), William Price (Farmer of Walterstone and Llancilio), and James Price (Farmer of Walterstone and Abergavenny)].

[Owns land near Prestigne and at Clunn, five miles past Stow]
“Land at Prestigne rented to Mr Botchett. Let from 1800 to 1803.[ Signed] Phillip Price Clerk of Rollstone & Llancilloe.  Clunn rented to “Mr Parry, Maltster”.
“On Wednesday 28th Jan 1801 journey to these lands with Mr Jennings, Mr Nicholas Price and myself.
Botchetts Farm 8 acres peas ploughed in, wheat this year.
Close to River Lugg,  9 good acres, Barley last year, Barley again.
Meadow 3 acres with water from the road to flood it. “
[11 acres at Clunn. They are there to estimate the acreage, each man giving a total. He then names the Inns at which they stayed on the way home]

[A letter still in my hands, dated c.1906]
“Copied from a list sent by Mr Baker of the Carmarthen Diocesian Registry.
1719 Rev Philip Price Sept 20th ordained Deacon on title of curacy of Capel-y-Ffyn (Brecon) (described as of Llanigon Co. Brecon).
1722 Sept 23rd. Ordained Priest on title of Curacy of Llanthony and Capel-y Ffyn, described as of Parish of Cwmyoy, Monmouth.
1739. July 10th Licensed to Curacy of Walterstone, an augmented cure on nomination of Edw. Harley of Heywood.
1740. June 27th Licensed to Curacy of Llanthony. Mon. an augmented cure on the same nomination.
1752 Sept  19th Licensed to Curacy of Capel-y-Ffyn, Brecon an augmented cure.
1758 Augst 18th Philip Price of Oldcastle Monmouth was ordained Deacon.
NB. This Philip Price [II] is the son of the Rev Philip No. I. He was born in 1735 and was therefore 23 years of age.

[Additional notes added] From some other records we find that he was appointed curate of Walterstone in 1771, died April 6th 1786 aged 51 years.
We supposed that he was the brother of John Price of Walterstone [wrong] who was born in 1720 and died in 1813.  He married Anne daughter of Nicholas Hopkins of Llantilio Pertholey and on his death in 1786 was succeeded by his son Philip Price [III] as curate of Walterstone who died in 1803. Both Father and son are buried at Walterstone and tablets are erected to their memory by the parishioners.”

WALTERSTONE. Bishops Transcripts’s 1712 – 1837 but incomplete. Parish Register  c.1761- 1860 but fragmentary 1761 to 1780’s  
 [My family connections in bold. As with all transcriptions there may be mistakes]


William Jones of Llantillo Crosseny married Joan Price otp by Banns 4th  March 1716
1726, Rev John Watkins is minister.
1727. Rev Philip Price mentioned for first time.
Johan the d/o William Price by Johan his wife was bapt January ye 28 1727.
Elizabeth the d/o William Price by Johan his wife was bapt 10ber 20th 1732.
Mary the d/o Thomas Price by Madilon  his wife was bapt march 3 1733.
Margaret the d/o William Price by Joan his wife was bapt  ?ber 30th 1735.
Mary the daughter of William Price by Joan his wife baptised 2nd March 1738
Joan Price the daughter of William Price by Joan his wife was buried Oct 14th 1741.
Hugh Phillips and Anne Price were also married by Banns August 20th 1742.
James the s/o Gregory Price by Mary his wife was bapt ? 29th 1743.
James Gregory married Mary price 29th Aug 1743.
Joan the d/o William Price by Joan his wife was bapt  4th  Sept 1743.
Joan Price buried May 15th 1748.
James Price married Margaret Lewis by Banns May 14th 1750.
John Watkins married Madlon Price by licence 23rd April 1751.
Daniel baptised by Job and Elizabeth Price  15th April 1754.
John Thomas married Elizabeth Price by banns April 7th 1758.
William Price was buried Feb? 4th 1757.
David the son of Philip Price by Anne his wife was buried Oct 21st 1760
Nicholas the son of the Revd Philip Price by Anne his wife was born 17th December 1761. Died in his 14th year.
Baptised Nicholas the son of Philip Price by Anne his wife, Dec 16th 1762. Philip Price Curate of ye old? Church.
Bapt Nov ye 18th 1762 James the s/o John Price by Elizabeth his wife.
Philip the son of the Revd Philip Price by Ann his wife was born the 2oth of November 1763.
Elizabeth the d/o John Price by Elizabeth his wife was bapt the 17th of July 1764.
William Price buried July the 21st 1766.
Buried July ye 31st 1776  Nicholas Price of Clodock
Thomas the s/o John Price by Elizabeth his wife was bapt the 11th Sept 1766.
Sept 4th 1769 bapt Lewis the s/o John Price by Elizabeth his wife.
1778 May ye 27th Anne Hopkins of the parish of Clodock buried.
Thomas the reputed son of Thomas Price by Anne Newton bapt Oct ye 2nd 1785. (she has another base child Elizabeth baptised in 1797)
Last time Rev Phillip Price signs any of the Bishop’s Transcripts
April 25 1791 Thomas Price buried. (is this the son of John and Elizabeth Price)
William Watkins Bach m Elizabeth Price spinster botp by licence in Walterstone 31 Dec 1794. Signed William Watkins and X (marl of EP)
Mary Price daughter of the Revd Philip Price by Elizabeth his wife baptised November 23rd 1799
Feb 26th 1801 Mary Price an infant buried.
Philip Price was buried March ye 6th 1803.
June 9th 1804 James Price & Mary Williams were married.
James Price of the parish of Rowlstone in the C of  Hfd, Yeoman, m Mary Watkins spinster otp by licence 9th June 1804. Both signed, witness James Dawell, John Price.
Philip Price s/o James and Mary Price born Nov 14th bapt 14th Nov 1804.
Philip son of James and Mary Price bapt Nov 14th 1804.
Sarah Maria d/o James and Mary Price bapt ?1807.
Sarah Harriet d/o James and Mary Price bapt Feb 4th 1807.
James s/o James and Mary Price bapt Nov 15th 1808.
James s/o James and Mary Price bapt Nov 15th 1808.
William base child of Hester  Price baptised 15th April (1809 ? faint writing)
William s/o James and Mary Price bapt April 24th 1810.
William s/o William and Sarah Price bapt Jul 24th 1810.
6th May 1813 William Price of the parish of Cwmyoy and Sarah Watkins of this parish were married in this church by licence with consent of parents this 6th day of May in the year 1813. Witness James Jones and Margaret Says. (They were then married and William and Sarah Price were witnesses). 
Anne Price widow of Lower House aged 81 years  buried 13th Feb 1816
Anne d/o William and Sarah Price bapt Jan 29th 1818 (28) labourer Walterstone Common.
William Price of Walterstone buried Jan 13th 1831 aged 73
Anne Maria d/o William and Sarah Price otp labourer bapt Jan 13th 1831.
Sarah Price of Olcon buried Dec 16th 1833 aged 46.
William  s/o William and Sussanah Price bapt May 24th 1835. Farmer.
Abednego s/o William and Sussanah Price bapt Jul 30th 1837. Dixton parish.

Further documents and transcriptions relating to the Price family and their ownership of local properties can be found here .

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