William Morgan, Newton School Master


1880’s - 1905

William Morgan was an early Master at Newton school coming soon after it opened and being there for many years. He was remembered with affection by many of the older residents of Newton.

William Morgan as a young man


He must have come to Newton in 1883 to take up his post at the newly erected school. He was a Welshman from Trefein in Breconshire. Rachel, his wife came from Llangadock and was three years younger. In the 1901 census they had one son, Joseph aged 15, a bricklayer, living with them at the school house. Another son, Henry was baptised at Newton in 1884. In November 1888 Rachel gave birth to twins, a girl Florence, and a boy Fredrick. Both died as infants, Florence at 6 weeks and Fredrick at 5 months. Four sons survived him but sadly 3 were killed in the First World War.

William Morgan was also a Church Warden of St John’s Church.

In about 1900

Mr William Morgan died on 19th November 1905 aged 58. He died at Newton school house after a short illness. He had been head teacher for 22 years. This account of his funeral from a Hereford paper is transcribed below.

“Death of Mr William Morgan, of Newton near Vowchurch – It is of sincere regret that we have to record the death of one of the most highly respected inhabitants of Newton in the person of Mr William Morgan, The School House, who after a short illness passed away in his 58th year of his age. Mr Morgan held the position of head master of Newton School for over 22 years, and during that time by his courteous manner and kindly disposition endeared himself not only to the school children, but to a very wide circle of friends and acquaintances, by all of whom he was greatly respected. The funeral took place at Newton [on 23rd November 1905]. The officiating clergy were the Rev. C.H.Cooke (Vicar of St.Margarets) and the Rev G.J.Tuck (Vicar of Newton). There was a large gathering of scholars and friends who came to pay their last tribute of respect towards their late schoolmaster and friend. Among the many friends who sent floral tributes were the vicar and members of the St Margarets Choir. Mr E.S.Jones (Hereford), Mr and Mrs W.B. Partridge (Bacton), Mr and Mrs H.H. Wood (White House), Mr and Mrs H.R. Trafford (Michaelchurch Court), and Mrs Collins (Windsor) and many others”.


After his death his wife would have had to vacate the School House and it is presumed that she returned to her native area. For many years the surviving son who was unmarried continued to visit the area.


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