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Letter from Bartholomew Haseldon to Mr Pardoe

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Newton, Turnastone, Vowchurch, Ewyas Harold, Golden Valley




Bartholomew Haselden to Mr Pardoe at the Crown in Broad St. in Ludlow

Huntington, 30th May 1774

Dr. Coz:

When you were last here you know I complained of a Thorn I had then in my Leg which to my sorrow remained there till Wednesday the 4th Inst. I put off going to the Whitehouse for a week in hopes of being sound of my limb but the little bit of Timber was still to give  me more pain.

Not much liking my boot the day I went with you, to the wearing of which belive in some measure attribute the bad consiquences that after insurd. I bought me a pair of boot stockings and applyed to my Friend Barrrell for the use of his Black Mare but he had turned her into some clover in hopes that the same would be serviceable to the bad Cough she was afficted with, so could not have her. However one Mr Higgins a Gentleman in the city of Hereford who has choice of Horses for the sum of four shillings (being about half the value of the said Horse) supplyd me with one and on Monday the 9th Ins: I set off and arrived at Mr Prices about ten o'clock, after eating a little cold spare rib which the Cats had almost demolished before, and taking a glass of the late Parsons Old Beer, Mr Price mounted his Sorrel and we set off for Ewas Harrell [Ewyas Harold] ( a bad road indeed) but we fortunatly met with Rumsey at home who contary to Prices expectation as well as mine behaved very civelly to us and gave us some good Bread and Cheese, the Drink was to be sure a little thick stale and Suwakey but that could not be helped the man said that he had not any better and we were very welcome to the best he had. That remained to me rather doubtful, However he acknowledged the Justice of the demand and wondered he had not been before called upon. Promised to come to Huntington the week after, on which account I did not write to you, he did not come but sent a letter to -------, a true copy of the same as under.

" Dr Maday, I promise your kinsman to visit you this week it was not conveinent because of having a great many hands a bark striping which had bin a great loss to be from them. You may depend of my waiting upon you next week I am your most humble servt. John Rumsey 20th May"

He has not been here a yet, I did not  think it proper to call on Prosser as you had authorized Price to settle  with him. He has not however paid any money to Price, it was not quite conveinient to him as yet so to do.

On our return home we crossed the Country and called upon the several tennants of the Mannor of Jenkin Prichard [part of Newton and St Margarets] (such roads it was at times doubtful wether Mr Higgins and I staid there for the Evening or not) I took the names of of the present tennants on the premises and told them that they had Landlords. To aquaint them that some time this summer there would be a day appointed of which they would have notice to pay the long arrears due. That it was owing to some matters not being before settled in the family they had been left so long uncalled upon. Those that did not on that day pay would be imediately after sued for the same. Most of them behaved civelly and promised fair.

By the dusk of the evening we got back to the Whitehouse my leg very painful and swelled as big as two Legs. I got some rum to bath it, ate a bason of boiled milk and went to bed much tired but worse and worse now for that sharp old thorn. Sarah Alice, Mrs J Price never aired the sheets, was obliged to get up and put on my clothes. I thought it needless to make any complaint next morning: but should  I be obliged to lodge there again I should be so rude as to desire Mrs Price to put the sheets to the fire before I went to bed. When I got home was obliged to go to a Surgeon, he got the thorn out of my leg but was so bad after that I could not stir for about a week without the help of a crutch and stick, am now  thank god quite upright again.

Since you was here Aunt has had a most severe cold that hurried her very much indeed so much that I am sure you would scarcely have known her. She is thank god got a good deal better but is now far from being so well as she was when you saw her. She joins me in proper repects to you, Mrs Pardoe and all the rest of our relations in your part of the world

Belive me most Sincerely Dr Coz. Your Affectionate kinsman

Bartho. Haselden

PS   Looking over some papers have found an acct. of your fathers where in Mr Price has paid to him differing sums chiefly the last in June 1751 £3:7:6 and likewise in Feb. '49 in same acct he had made himself Debt. to Cash recieved of Rumsey for rent of Givach £18:0:0 Under that paid recived to date of Rumsey Mort. £4:10:0. ??? is another rec?? of Jenkins ??? ??? ??? . If you give me a line when you are ?? ?   ???? I will ???   few days when conveinent but must direct for me at Mrs Barrells it being all over with poor Jenkins at the Coffee House      .

NB   A Farmer in this neighbourhood has a sorrell Horse three years old but broke and quite steady which would in my opinion suit you for Miss Pardoe. Colour a Sorrell with  a flame mane and tail a little white on both legs behind ?? a small broach (?) down the face, about fourteen and a half hands, price the ?? farthing thirteen guineas.       


All punctuation and spelling is as in the original

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