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Transcription of Agent’s pocket book. Map 9 items

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 St Margarets, Michaelchurch


1760 -1862


Map No 9 – St Margarets & Michaelchurch

(map taken from D1583/208)
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St Margarets and Michaelchurch – Copyhold

No. 1 to 13 inclusive
Copy granted 16 Dec 1831 to Thomas Davies of Dilwyn near Weobley, Gent.
for the Lives of John Went (son of Francis Went of Leominster, Stationer) then aged 13, Henry Wyatt Watling (son of Thos Watling of Leominster, Surgeon) then aged 11, and John Southall (son of John Southall of Leominster, Mercer) then aged 10.
see Court Roll page 417
These Lands exceed the Quantity expressed in the Grant (36a.3r,20p), but as the right pieces could not with certainty be ascertained Nos. 1 to 13 were taken that those pieces might at a future time rejected which should appear not to belong to such Grant.
St Margarets Tithe Map ( Lord Abergavenny’s Land only) 52a, 54, 62a, 64, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 74a & 76 – Acreage 36a.2r.32p
Rent 1/9


No. 14 to 21 inclusive
Copy granted 20 Nov 1818 to John Lewis of Llanwenarth, Farmer
for the lives of Lessee (dead), Elizabeth his daur then aged13 and Wm Vaughan (son of Penelope Vaughan of Llanwenarth, Widow) then aged 10.
See Court Roll page 325
Now George Window of Abergavenny who married said Elizabeth and took the Premises under John Lewis’ Will
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 564, 565, 566, 567. 571, 555, 556, 557 and part 568.
Acreage 23a.0r.16p
Rent 2/-


No. 22, 23, 24
Copy granted 12 Oct 1820 to said John Lewis and for the same lives as above
See Court Roll page 352
Now George Window
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 562, 563, 588, 589 & 593
Acreage 19a.0r.30p
Rent 1/-


No 25 to 34 inclusive
Another Copy, same date, same Grantee, and same Lives
See Court Roll page 354
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 521, 522, 523, 535, 536, 537, 538, 539, 540, 546, 547 548 and 552
Acreage 31a.1r.37p
Rent 4/6


No 35 to 39 inclusive
Copy granted 29 Sept 1790 to John  Brewster of Burton Court Co. Hereford Esq.
for the lives of Simon Exton (son of Simon Exton of Peterchurch, Surgeon) then aged 10, Wm Piper (son of Wm Piper of Hereford, Ironmonger) 5, and Robert Piper another son then aged 3.
See court Roll Page 191. Expired.
Now Revd. Thomas Powell, Dorstone as Tenant at rack rent.
Farm part of “Upper House” Farm belonging to said Thos Powell.
Valued by Harris and self at £14.11.6 per ann.
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 506, 507, 508, 509, 590, 591 & 592
Acreage 25a 1r 39p



Use of capitals, spelling and punctuation have been retained. To ease readability some line breaks have been introduced. Some abbreviations have been expanded. Brackets - ( ) are as document. Brackets - [ ] indicate text struck out or added information. The Field numbers used for primary identification are those used in a survey made before 1800 (see D/1583/208) and predate those of the Tithe surveys of the 1840’s.

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