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Charities of Ewyas Lacy Parishes, index

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Ewyas Lacy


1815 - 1839


Report of the Commissioners of Charities and Education of the Poor in England and Wales.

Charities of Craswall

Thomas’s Charity, James’s Charity(1786) , George’s Charity, Lost Charities(1786)

Charities of Longtown

Gilbert’s Charity (1643), Powell’s Charity (1810), George’s Charity (1679), Madocks’s Charity (1716), Pitt’s Charity (1742).

Charities of Llanveynoe

Thomas’s Charity (1786), George’s Charity

Charities of Newton
Jennings’s Charity (1657), George’s Charity

Charities of Cusop

James’s Charity, Pennoyer’s Charity, Butler’s Charity (1782)

Charities of Llancillo
Baynum’s Charity (1786)

Charities of St Margarets

Pye’s Charity (1828), Wilton’s Charity, James’s Charity, Blanch Parry’s Charity (1829)

Charities of Michaelchurch Eskley

Meredith Maddy’s Charity, Thomas’s Charity (1759), Miss Johnson’s Charity (1819), Pitt’s Charity,
James’s Charity

Charities of Rowlestone

Pye’s Charity, Wall’s Charity (1786), Prichard’s Charity (1734), Lost Charity (1690)

Charities of Walterstone

Donor unknown Charity (1786)


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