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Probate Collection; Will for William Cecil of Alterynis, Esq

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1. Will dated 16 October 1597
Wishes to be buried in the parish
church of Walterstone , 'where my ancestors were buried.'
To the cathedral church of St Davids, 2/-
To 'the reparacon of my said parish church', 20/- to be paid as the executors think fit.
To son, Mathew Cecil, all his copyhold lands 'which I hold of the Lord of the mannor of Lantonie, countie of Monmoth' in accordance with the Court Roll and custom of the manor or 'late dissolved priorie or monasterie of Lantonie',
To provide education and a decent upbringing for his reputed son, John, whose mother was Jane Morgan, daughter of John David Morgan of Michaelchurch Kylcornell [Llanvihangel Crucorney?] the testator leaves to Paul Delahay esq., brother in law 'all that my mesuage or tenement in Walterstone with all edifices, lands, etc ' in the occupation of Richard John Watkin to provide for the boy and to pass on to him when he reaches the age of 23.
To son Mathew Cecil, his household stuff if he wants it which after Mathew's death should he have no male heir the stuff is to pass to The Right honourable Sir Robert Cecil, knight. If Mathew refuses the stuff it is all to pass to the executors..
To daughter, Katherine, 4 oxen and 4 'kyen'
To niece, Blanch Delahay, 2 heifers.
To sister, Ales [
Alice ?], an annuity of 40/- to be paid out of the lands of Harry John Thomas.
To Phillipp Cecil, servant, 6 sheep
To Walter Hughes, servant,10 sheep
To John Harryes, servant, 40/-
To Richard Powell, servant, 40/-
The residue of all goods and chattels to Paul Delahay Esq. and Hugh Monnington gent.

Executors: brother in law, Paul Delahay Esq and Hugh Monnington gent with John Parry of Morehampton, brother in law as overseer.

Signed by testator

Witnesses: Paul Delahay, Thom: Sipps, John Harryes, Richard Powell, butler and William Cecil.

Date of Probate:
17 February 1597 .




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.
This is quite a complex will written in 16 century secretary hand.

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