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Probate Collection; Will for John Delahay of Alterenis, gent

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1. Will 6 August 1672
To 4 younger children , Cirill, Helen, Anne and Sarah, £860, to be raised from the rents, issues and profits of his lands and to be apportioned:
Cirill, £60
Helen, £300
Ann and Sarah, £250 each
to be paid when they each reach 21 or marry whichever is the earlier. Until they receive payment of these moneys they are to receive, for their maintenance, Cirill, £5 p.a. and the girls £10 p.a.
Powers are given to the overseers of his will to take and receive the rents etc and to ensure the safety of the money as they think appropriate to satisfy the bequests.
Eldest son Thomas Delahay is to ensure the legacies are paid whereupon the lands pass to him but not otherwise.
If one of the younger children dies before payment is due then his/her legacy to be divided amongst the survivors.
To the poor of the parish, 40/-
To 'every of my servants that shall be living with me att the time of my decease, ffive shillings a piece.'
To the parson of Walterstone, 10/-

Executor: son, Thomas Delahay with Overseers, 'my loving ffriends':
Thomas Child of Northwick in the County of Worcester, Esq.
Sir William Child of Kindlett in the County of Salop, knight.
Lacon William Child of Kindlett, Esq.
James Morgan of Lantillio Pirthely, Esq.
John Parry of Deordlas Esq.

Signed by testator

Witnesses: Ric: Cundy, Katherine Delahay, Walter William Parryes, Walter Morgan, Jam Mark

2. Memorandum : 'That John Delahay Did deliver this as his act and deed the 1st Day of ffebruary 1673 in the presents of John Parry , the mark of William Watkin John'

Date of Probate: 15 December 1675




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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