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Probate Collection; Will for John Cecil of 'all Tynys'

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1. Will dated 21 June 1551
'My bodie to be buryed within my Pysh church called St Peters Church of Walterstone'
To wife, Elizabeth Wynston, his 'house and mansion place' called 'all Tynys' [today known as Altyrynis] together with all rents and profits for her lifetime. After her death it is to go to son, William [see mfs_wal_1092]
To son, William, all lands at Penbidle on condition that for the first two years all the profits and increase is passed by William to his two sisters, Ann and Alice Cecil, their heirs and assigns. Then on the third year William is to hand over all the profits to his younger brother Thomas Cecil together with a payment to make the total up to 100 marks [£66 13 4d]
If William has no heirs then the whole estate is to pass to Thomas and should Thomas then have no heirs it is to pass to son, Phillip Cecil and his heirs. Thereafter should Phillip fail to provide heirs the estate passes to the two daughters, Ann and Alice
To wife,
Elizabeth , all goods and cattle and household stuff, provided there is agreement between Elizabeth and William. But if they cannot agree then they get half each of the goods, cattle and household stuff, Elizabeth 's half being for the period of her widowhood. On her death or if she remarries then everything reverts to William.
To son, Phillip Cecil, £20 to be paid him within 6 years.
To son, William, 'the residue of my years yet not expired upon the Benefice of parish
church of Walterstone the which I purchased of Sir Nicholas Arnold knight during the term of 12 years'.
Wife, Elizabeth is directed to maintain Phillip Cecil at school for the next 6 years.

Executors: wife Elizabeth Wynston and son, William Cecil with overseer, David John ap John

No indication on the copy whether signed or marked by testator.

Witnesses: Nicholas Williams clerk and curate of Walterstone; Robert Wynston of Trewyn; Michell John ap R[ichard] of Cwmyoy with other men.

Date of Probate:
4 July 1551 .




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.
This is quite a complex will written in 16 century secretary hand. Either the clerk copying this will had a problem with the name of the house Altyrynis .or perhaps this modern spelling is a corruption of 'all Ty Ynis' or 'all Tyr Ynis'

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Ref: ldhsarchive_mfs_wal_1096