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Probate Collection; Will for Helena Delahay of Altyrynis, widow

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1. Will dated 7 April 1644
To son, John, 'my silver tankard and great silver salte' also in lieu of £50 owed to him , all rights and title to the lands purchased from John Bevan of Walterstone. He is to surrender the bond to the executors discharging the debt.
To daughter, Elizabeth Parry, 2 silver porringers, 2 spoons and all wearing apparel, woollen and linen and 'my kabinett'
To grandchild, Stephen Parry, £20 to be paid him when he is 15 years old to buy him a horse.
To son, Robert, 'as a remembrance of my blessing to him', £10 to buy him a nag.
To the poor of the parish of Walterstone, 40/-
To goddaughter, Ellen Thomas, daughter of Paul Thomas, £5 ' to be laid out by my executors for the best advantage'.
To maid servant, Sibill Simond, £5.
To 'all my household servants
tenn shillings apiece over and above the wages which shall be then due to them' at the testator's death.
Her executors are to discharge the £100 bond for which her son John stood 'bound as surety with me (for the remainder of my daughter's portion)' to son in law John Parry, thereby releasing son, John.
All stock chattels, corn, money, household stuff etc. remaining after payment of legacies debts and expenses to be divided between sons, Henry and Gabriel.

Executors: Henry and Gabriel Delahay, sons with son Robert as overseer.

Signed by testator

Witnesses: Thomas Phillip and David Curdy.

2. Codicil dated 26 January 1646
To my daughter Delahay, one Holland tablecloth, and dozen of Holland napkins, two dozen of flaxen napkins, two pair of Holland sheets and a pair of flaxen sheets.
To goddaughter and grandchild, 'my London barred chest of fine linen and my hamper of London pewter.
signed by testator

Date of Probate: 1 July 1650.




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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