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Probate Collection; Will for Gabriel Delahay of Alterinis, gent

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1. Will dated 18 April 1648 .
To the poor of the parish of Walterstone, 40/-, to be distributed at the executor's discretion.
To his sister, a gray colt and to niece, Elizabeth Delahay, her daughter, 'half my sheep at Alterinis.
To niece, Elizabeth Parry, the other half of the sheep.
The testator states that he has been left £500 by his uncle and godfather, Gabriel Parnish of Romford , Essex which he has yet to receive and he disposes of the legacy as under:
To niece Elizabeth Delahay £60
To niece, Helena Parry, daughter of John Parry, gent of Arkeston, £140.
To brother, Robert Delahay, £100
To brother, Henry Delahay, £200 plus the rest and residue of his estate..

Executor: Henry Delahay, brother.

Signed by testator

Witnesses Andrew Smith, Ann Smith and Margaret Skypp.

Date of Probate:
30 July 1660 .

2. Memorandum/Codicil
Undated and unwitnessed. This seems to have been added at the time of writing the will as an afterthought.
To Helen Thomas, daughter of Paul Thomas, 40/-
To Sibill Symonds, 20/-
To 'the Covenant servants which live with my brother John Delahay at Alterinis, 5/- a piece'
To godson, Thomas William, son of John Wiliam, 40/-
To William Winston, 10/-
To Miles Powell, clerk, 20/-
To goddaughter, Ellinor, daughter off William Nicholas, 20/-.

Signed Gabriell Delahay




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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