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AW28/41/1. Grant, 28 April 1597
(1) William Cecyll of Alterynys, esq
(2) Sir Robert Cecyll, Knighte, Principall Secretorye to her Matie and one of her hignes most honourable privye councell
For £200 and in consideration of the conynuance and preservacon of the manors, lands etc of William Cecyll in the name and bloode of the Cecylls
The capitall messuage Alterynys with all houses, lands, mills etc now in the occupation of Harrye John Thomas, John Symond, John Symond Harrye William and Richard John Watkin. One other messuage in Clodocke in occupation of William Lewis alias Stompe. Also a messuage called Penbidill [Penbidwal] with all houses and lands etc in Llannhangell Kilcornell [Llanfihangel Crucorney], co Mon in occupations of William Powell gent, George ap Rees and Houell Watkin.
All except the messuage occupied by Richard John Watkin for the use of (1) for life and after to the use of Mathew his son and his heirs male. Failing which to (2) and his heirs male. Failing which to Sir William Ceyll, Baron of Burleigh knight of the most noble order of the garter, Lorde Highe Treasurer of Englande, master of the courte of Wards and Lyveryes and one of the Queens Maties privie councell and his heirs male. Failing which to the right heirs of (1) for ever.
Final Concord enclosed. 1597. Parties as above.
6 messuages, 8 tofts, 2 water mills, 2 dove cots, 6 gardens, 200a land, 60a meadow, 200a pasture, 30a wood, 50a furze and heath, 20s Rents. In Alterynnys, Walterstone, Clodock and Longtowne in co Hereford.
3 messuages, 6 tofts 2 watermills, 2 dove cots, 6 gardens, 120a land, 30a meadow, 50a pasture, 50a wood, 100a furze and heath, 2s Rent in Llanhangell Kilcornell.
The Grant carries a Seal in good condition showing coat of arms.

AW28/41/4. Lease, 10 March 1689
(1) James Earle of Salisbury, Viscount Cranbourne and Baron Cecill of Elsingdon
(2) Bennett Delahay of Allterunnis, gent
Recites lease 7 April 1680 made by James, late Earl and father of (1) to Cecill Delahay, gent, deceased.
Now: (2) is to surrender lease and lay out £130 in new building of some part and repairing other part of the messuage Allterunnis containing 293 acres reserving Timber Trees and the bodyes of all pollard trees now standing etc.
Term: For the lives of (2), Ann Delahay his daughter, aged 5 months and Scudamore Hoskines aged 10 years, one of the sons of John Hoskines of Bernithen Court, gent.
Rent: £52-3-4d. To be paid at Salisbury House, near the Strand, co Mddsx..
(2) covenants at his own cost and within 4 years to repair the house, cellars and dayry house and take down and rebuild the barne, beasthouse, brewhouse and malthouse and build new ones. (Measurements etc given.) Also to repair and amend Allterunnis Bridge. And for preventing the overflowing of the river of Munnow into the Cellar and lower Roomes of the messuage, to dig up and remove a certain island in the River opposite the messuage for the more free running of the river etc etc.
With Counterpart lease enclosed.

AW28/41/6. Assignment of Mortgage, 9 November 1702
(1) The Hon Sir Edward Ward Kt, Lord Chief Baron of her Majesty’s Court of Exchequer
(2) Eben Sadler of St Martins in the Fields, gent
(3) Hon Robert Cecill of St James, Westminster esq and Elizabeth his wife
(4) Gilbert Whitehall of London, gent and Edward Haberfield, Middle Temple, gent
Recites mortgage of 14 July 1682 for £2,000 on security of Alterennis and various other properties in Dorset, Southton, London etc.
Copy or draft.

AW28/41/9. Deed to bar entail, 21/22 November 1712
(1) James Earl of Salisbury
(2) Sir William Boyer of Denham co Bucks, Bart, and Ebenezer Sadler of St Martin in the Fields, gent
(3) Bennett Delahay of Allterennis, gent
(4) George Townsend of Lincolns Inn esq
(5) James Sadler of Middle Temple esq
For the barring of Estates Tail. Alterennis bargained and sold to Ebenezer for the purpose of transferring uses into possession.

AW28/41/10. Assignment of Mortgage, 18 December 1712
(1) James Earl of Salisbury, Baron Cecill etc
(2) Hon Robert Cecill of Westminster and Elizabeth his wife
(3) Elizabeth Haberfield of St Andrew Holbourn, widow, relict and executrix of Edward Haberfield
Recites mortgage of Alterennis for £2,000 paid by Edward Ward on 14 July 1682.
Now: mortgage assigned from (3) to (2).

AW28/41/11. Bargain and Sale, 19/20 December 1712
(1) Earl of Salisbury, Sir William Bowyer and Ebenezer Sadler
(2) Bennett Delahay of Alterennis, gent
(3) Hon Robert Cecill
(4) Thomas Carpenter of Tillington, gent
Sale for £1,350 of Alterennis with lands and appurtenances. Also messuage in occupation of Daniell Watkins with lands belonging in Craswall in the parish of Clodock near a certaine Common or Forest there called Forest Heane.  Sold to (2).

AW28/41/12. Mortgage, 26/27 December 1712
(1) Bennett Delahay of Allterynnis, gent and Catherine his wife
(2) Edward Barker the younger of Inner Temple esq
To raise £1,200. Allterynnis

AW28/41/13. Assignment of Mortgage, 28/29 June 1714
(1) Bennet Delahay of Monmouth gent and Catherine his wife
(2) Edward Barker the younger of Inner Temple esq
(3) William Blathwayt of Dirham co Glos esq
Recites the above mortgage.. Now: For raising £1,308.
Alterynnis with 293 acres in the tenure of Cecil Delahay gent deceased then of Bennett Delahay with right of Reversions etc.
Schedule of Writings from 39 Eliz.
Enclosed: Final Concord. 4 messuages, 7 gardens, 200a land, 50a meadow, 80a pasture, 20a wood, 50a furze and heath in Walterstone.

AW28/41/14. Assingment of Term, 30 June 1714
(1) Bennet Delahay and Thomas Carpenter
(2) William Blaythwayt
(3) Thomas Dod of St Martin in the Fields, London, gent and Giles Jacob of Bristol, gent.
Term of 500 years assigned to (3) in trust for the use of (2) as part of the previous mortgage.

AW28/41/15. Redemption of Mortgage, 23/24 September 1717
(1) William Blathwayt, son and heir and executor of William Blathwayt of Dirham
(2) Bennet Delahay of Monmouth, gent
(3) James Earl of Carnarvon
Recites 26/27 December, 11 Anne [1712].
Now: £1,496-5s paid to (1) and £3-15s paid to (2) being part of £2,000 agreed for the sale of Alterynnis to (1).

AW28/41/16. Assignment of Term, 24 September 1717
(1) Thomas Dod and Giles Jacob
(2) William Blathwayt and Bennet Delahay
(3) Earl of Carnarvon, Hon Henry Brydges Dr Div one of his brothers and Humphrey Walcot of Stanmore Magna, co Mddsx
Term assigned to (3).

AW28/41/17. Deed of Confirmation, 4 October 1717
(1) Bennet Delahay and Catherine his wife
(2) James Earl of Carnarvon
Absolute purchase of Alterynnis. Final Concord enclosed.

AW28/42/5. Abstract of Title, Alterrynnys, 1597-1723
[This abstract relates to the documents here summarised]




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