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Transcription of Agent’s pocket book. Map 10 items

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Walterstone, St Margarets


1760 -1862


Map No 10 – Walterstone & St Margarets

(map taken from D1583/208)
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Walterstone and St Margarets

No 1 to 9 inclusive, 9a, 11
Leasehold, Lease granted 29 Sept 1849 to John Gwillim  of Ewyas Harold, Yeoman
for the Lives of Lessee then aged 32, Sarah his daur 1 and Wm Powell (son of Thos Powell of the Firs Farm, Michaelchurch) then aged 4
[Walterstone Tithe Map] Nos. 53, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66, 73,& 74
containing 12 acres (more or less)


No 10, and three small Encroachments 10a, 10b, 10c
In possession of Mrs Williams, Longtown who pays 1/- per ann. for 10b & 10c (so she says) 10 and 10a she claims as freehold.
All in occupation of Dennis Cheese as Tenant.
[Walterstone Tithe Map] Nos. 67, 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72
containing 1a.1r 24p



No 12
Lease granted 29 Sept 1819 to James Hicks of Machen Iron Works, Machen, Forgeman
for the Lives of Lease then aged 26, John Hicks his son 4 and Lewis Jones of Walterstone then aged 55 (dead)
[Walterstone Tithe Map] No. 11.
containing 1a.1r.30p

No. 12a
Encroachment in possession of John  Dukes who pays 1/- per ann. Worth 50/-
to be put at full rent.
[Walterstone Tithe Map] No. 8.
containing 2r.12p


No. 13, 14, 15
Lease granted 23 March 1860 to James Morgan of the Convict Establishment, Portsmouth, Managing Clerk
for the Lives of Lessee then aged 31, Fanny Jane his wife 28 and James their son 2yrs.
[Walterstone Tithe Map] No. 7, 13, 15, 16, 17 & 18.
containing 7a.1r.23p


No 13a
Cottage and Garden claimed as freehold, enclosed by [blank] Gilbert and lately sold by David Gilbert to Mrs Price for £60


No 16, 17, 18
Lease granted 29 Sept 1837 to Jas. Powell of Abergavenny, Auctioneer for the Lives of John and Elizabeth Powell aged resptly 14 and 12 years and John Henry Evans 13 (son of Margaret wife of said Lessee by a former husband)
[Walterstone Tithe Map] No. 2 & 3
containing 2a.2r.37p
J.H. Evans dead, Eliz Powell now Eliz Bake wife of Wm Bake Aberg., John Powell works at  Beaufort Iron Works


No 17a
Claimed by [blank] Pitt and John Jones as freehold
No acknowledgment having been paid.



No 19, 20
[struck out – Copy granted 9the Nov 1804 to William Paine of Dulas, Yeoman
for the Lives of one Samuel Rumsey. See Court Roll page 246, Expired]
Regranted 23 August 1859 to James Thomas of St Margarets, Farmer
for the lives of Lessee then aged 37, Susan his wife 27 and Elizabeth James (daur of Wm James of Breinton Co Hereford) then aged 10
St Margarets Tithe Map 592 & 593
Acreage 9a.3r.17p
James Thomas & Wife both dead -/68


No. 21 to 29 inclusive
Copy granted 4 July 1807 t0 Sir Hungerford Hoskins, Bart.
for the lives of Grantee then aged 30 (dead), Sarah his wife 28 (dead) and Hungerford Hoskins their son then aged 2½ years
St Margarets Tithe Map 635, 636, 637, 647, 633, 634 & 641
Acreage 52a.0r.6p
Now in possession of John Hamp. Rent 3/6
Stated in Grant to be 90 acres


The Encroachments on Walterstone Common are [struck out - Six] Four in number – One by David Gilbert now claimed as freehold and recently sold to Mrs Price for £60 – another  by one Thomas Williams (alias Howells) also claimed as freehold and for which no acknowledgment seems ever to have been paid – Another by Mrs Williams, Widow Longtown who claims a portion as freehold but pays 1/- per ann. for the remainder – And another by John Dukes who pays 1/- per ann. acknowledgment
Howells has recently however taken in two small piece of the Common for which some acknowledgement should be demanded.



Use of capitals, spelling and punctuation have been retained. To ease readability some line breaks have been introduced. Some abbreviations have been expanded. Brackets - ( ) are as document. Brackets - [ ] indicate text struck out or added information. The Field numbers used for primary identification are those used in a survey made before 1800 (see D/1583/208) and predate those of the Tithe surveys of the 1840’s.

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