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Original Publication: Abergavenny Chronicle


Digital Archive: Newspaper cutting – Sale of numerous freehold farms to their tenants

Place name:

Walterstone, Longtown, Clodock, St Margarets




Image of newspaper cutting dated 14 June 1918 describing the sale of freehold farms, the estate of the late Mr John Watkins, to their tenants. The Cwm Farm Walterstone to Mrs Jones; Lower Hunt House Clodock to Mr John Lewis, Upper Wernddu Farm Longtown to Mr Robert Welson; Lower Wernddu Farm Longtown to Mrs Williams. Also freehold farms, the estate of the late Mr Joseph Price; The Lower House Farm St Margarets let to Mr George Sayce [withdrawn]; the Tump Farm Clodock let to Mr Arthur Denmead sold to Mr James Price, Crossllwyd, Cwmyoy; Sunnybank Clodock let to Mrs James Price sold to Miss Price; Llwygy Farm Cwmyoy let to Mr William Matthews – withdrawn.

Sale prices, rental values, tithe amounts and land tax assessments are given.




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Ref: rs_wno_0064