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Inquisitions Edward II

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Walterstone, Ewyas Lacy




Peter de Genevill, deceased. […]

Writ of certiorari, 1 March 1322  on the petition of Joan late the wife of the said Peter, to enquire what lands etc held in dower or otherwise, she demised to Roger de Mortuo Mari [Mortimer] for £100 yearly, and which of the said lands etc came into the kings hands […]

Inq, 3 April 1322. Walterston and Ewyas Lacy.  A third part of the manor (extent given) including customs called ‘Kilw’ and ‘Oxeselver’ was held by the said Joan in dower, by the gift of King Edward I, of Roger de Mortuo Mari of Wigemor and Joan his wife, as of the inheritance of the same Joan, without service.

Inq, 22 June 1322. Walterston and Ewyas Lacy. A third part of the manor alias manors was held in dower and demised by the said Joan to Roger de Mortuo Mari along with her other lands etc as aforesaid. […]

[Inquisitions Post Mortem, 15 Edward II (VI, p344)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 10, p48-49

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