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Description:  Deed of further charge, 20 November 1763
1. James Roberts of the Hunthouse, Clodock, gent, brother and heir of John Roberts late of the same, deceased who was the eldest son of John Roberts of Clodock, gent., deceased by Mary his wife, deceased.
2. Thomas Rawlings of Lugwardine, gent. 

Reciting (2) mortgage of 11 October1750  

1. James Roberts
2. Wm Roberts of Abergavenny, shoemaker, youngest son of the said John Roberts and Mary his wife.  Thomas Morgan of Oldcastle co. Mon, yeoman and Blanche his wife which said Mary and Blanche are the only daus of John Roberts and Mary his wife.
3. William Prosser of St Margarets co Heref. , tanner

4. James Higgins, clerk

a.          to 3.

Property as below , 100 yrs. Peppercorn rent

Consideration : £300 paid among the second parties

b.          Release and mortgage, 9 May 1752

James Roberts to William Prosser

Release of the equity of redemption and property for residue of term.

Consideration: £100 

Proviso for redemption on payment of £400

c.          Assignment of Mortgage, 20 Npvember 1755

1.          Wm Prosser

2.          James Roberts

3.          Thomas Rawlings

Property and equity of redemption for residue of term

Consideration: £400 from 3. to 1.

Now James Roberets to Thomas Rawlings

A messuage with outhouses etc. adjoiningand belongingand 4 parcels of land in Clodock, 6 parcels of land in Walterstone further described.  3 parcels of land in Clodock and Walterstone further desentsed and particularly bownded, the messuage called The Hunthouse where 1. lives with outhouses gardens etc.and several parcels of land belonging and adjoining circa 123 acres futher described and particularly bownded in Clodock.

For residue of term of 1000 years, free from the proviso for redemption in the related mortgage assignment.

Consideration: £200 and the £400 already charged on the premises.

Proviso for redemptionon payment of £600 and interest.

Enrolled at Quarter Sessions  10 January 1764


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