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Gwent Record Office


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Jurors’ Presentments October 1724, Clothy Hopkin

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Urishay, Michaelchurch Escley, Peterchurch




Transcription of image 363

18th October 1724

Clothy Hopkin

Presentment of the jury.

Tenants defaulting


Thomas Davis for [?turning] the common




Richard Greenow for diverting water.

Thomas Richards for bad neighbourhood.


[These details were added to the dorse of the document by a later hand. Perhaps in 1818 ]


Transcription of image 364


Att the courte of view of franck pledg together with a courte Baron held in the house of Evan Jones within the maner of Clothye Hopkin the thirteenth day of October Anno domini 1724.

Mr John Price

William Harys

Richard Greenow

James Gilbert

John Perott

Charles Price

Richard Watkins

Thomas Lewis

Thomas Griffitts cervices

John Williams

Thomas Griffitts de Clothye

James Pritchett

Sr. John Jones junior juror


The said jurors delivers their presentment as followeth.


Imprimis  We the said jurors doe say and present that all persons that were duly and lawfully summoned to appear at this courte and thereof have made default are in the lord’s mercy vizt. Tenants per caput 3s Resiants per caput. 1s .


Item  We present Thomas Davies for depasturinge upon the common with such number of cattle more than he can justifie to the great damage of the tenants and we doe amerce him in 2s -6d .


Item  We present Richard Grunow for turninge the current of water out of his right course to the great damage of Thomas Griffitts and we the said jurors doe amerce him in the summe of 13s -4d unless he doe permit and suffer the said Thomas Griffitts to have the water in its course.


Item  We the said jurors doe present Thomas Prichard for his badd neighbourhood in not maintaininge a good fence and hedginge between Mr John Price his land and the land of the said Thomas Prichard and we doe amerce the said Thomas Prichard in the summe of 1li -6s -8d unless made good before the second of the next month.


And afterward were discharged until new summons.


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Transcription details are based on the work of Dewi Bowen Williams, see http://www.ewyaslacy.org.uk/Michaelchurch-Escley-and-Peterchurch/Manorial-Court-Records-for-the-Manors-of-Clothy-Hopkin-Urishay-Trenant-amp-Wellbrook/1466-1833/tg_mic_0127


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