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Jurors’ Presentments, October 1722, (true copy)

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Urishay, Michaelchurch Escley, Peterchurch




Transcription of image 372

Presentments of Jury


[These details were added to the dorse of the document by a later hand. Perhaps in 1818 ]


Transcription of image 373


A true coppy of all things presented by the jury att the courte held the 12th day of October Anno domini 1722 delivered by.


Humphrey Thomas esq.

John Watkins gent.

Thomas Smith yeom.

John Jenkins yeom.

Thomas Prichard yeom.

James Gilbert yeom.

Thomas Griffiths de Comb

William Griffitts

Richard Phillipps

David Prosser

Evan Jonesas followeth –


Imprimis   We the said jurors say and present that all persons that were duly and lawfully summond to appear at this court and thereof have made default are i the lords mercy yenants 3s ressiants 1s per caputt.

Item   We present all the cottagers and incroachers now in beinge on the lords waste to be and that they are in the lords mercy.

Item   We present Thomas Maddox for keepeinge a couple of goates and we doe amerse the said Thomas Maddox for the same in six shillings and eight pence unless the said goates be putt off between this and the next leete to be holden for this said manor.

Item   We present the highway commonly called by the name of Hewl y Moch Dyon to be out of repair and that it ought to be repaired by the Brinkers from the Urishay common to the end of the High Way which lead upp from Coed Poeth towards the Hay And we doe amerce each Brinker in 3s 4d unless it be repaired between this day and next Michaellmas Leet to be holden for this said maner.

Item   We present Richard Grunow for depasturinge cattle etc. upon the Urishay common having transferred his right of common in the said common to his tenante Richard Phillipps by lease and doe amerce him for the same in six shillings and eight pence.


Item   We doe present the said Richard Grunow for carryinge of the furs alias gorss from of the said common for which we amerce him in three shillings and four pence.



exā it per Johannes Price sen. ibidem.



ELSG image accession ref. cwmbran1 – 372 & 373



This is a “true copy” see gc_ewy_3325 for original with signatures


Transcription details are based on the work of Dewi Bowen Williams, see http://www.ewyaslacy.org.uk/Michaelchurch-Escley-and-Peterchurch/Manorial-Court-Records-for-the-Manors-of-Clothy-Hopkin-Urishay-Trenant-amp-Wellbrook/1466-1833/tg_mic_0127


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