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Juror’s Presentments, April 1727, Clothy Hopkin

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Urishay, Michaelchurch Escley, Peterchurch





[This document was attached to that shown in image 355]

[These details were added to the dorse of the document 355 by a later hand. Perhaps in 1818.]


Clothy Hopkin
Jurors Presentments.


Transcription of image 356

Manerium de Clothye Hopkin ex parte Thome Delahay generosum.


Ad visus francki pledgii unacum curia baronis Thome Delahay domini manerii predicti tentum infra manerium predictum decimo nono die Aprillis Anno regni domini nostril Georgii dei gratia Magna Brittaniae Franciae et Hiberniae Regis fidei defensoris etc. decimo tertie Annoque domini 1727.


John Price gent

William Harrys

Thomas Gough

Walter Beavan    jur.

Daniell Smith

Charles Price

Thomas Lewis

Richard Watkins

Thomas Griffitts

Thomas Madox

Evan Jones &

David Prosser

Lastly: Wee nothing more to present at this tyme.


Imprimis:   Wee the s jurors doe say and present that all persons that were lawfully summoned to appear at this court and thereof have made default are in the lord’s mercy Tenants per caput – 3s Ressiants per caput 1s


Item:    Wee the sayd jurors doe present Humphrey Thomas Esquire or his tenant for two couple of capons due for two years therefore wee the said jurors doe amerseth them in 6s .


Item:    Wee present Mary Smyth widow for detaining one couple of fat pullets and therefore wee doe amereth her in 1s .


Item    Wee present William Griffitts for detaining two couple of capons for two years therefore wee do amerth him in 6s .


We alsoe present thatit shall be lawfull for the bailiff of this manner with one or more of the tenants to impound the beastes or cattle of any that doe oppress or surcharge the common and the same to detaine until delivered by due course of law.


Item:    Wee the said jurors doe say & present that all cottagers & incroachers upon the lord’s waste are in the lord’s mercy.



Transcription of image 357


[signatures of]

John Price

Will Harries

Thomas Gough

Walter Beavan

Daniel Smyth

Charles Prees

Richard Watkins

Thomas Griffitts

Evan Jones

Thomas Maddox

David Prosser

Thomas Lewis.


ELSG image accession ref. cwmbran1 – 356, & 357

357 is the dorse of 356



Transcription details are based on the work of Dewi Bowen Williams, see http://www.ewyaslacy.org.uk/Michaelchurch-Escley-and-Peterchurch/Manorial-Court-Records-for-the-Manors-of-Clothy-Hopkin-Urishay-Trenant-amp-Wellbrook/1466-1833/tg_mic_0127


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