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Gwent Record Office


D.668.71 (bundle of loose folded sheets)


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Jurors’ Presentments, October 1722, Clothy Hopkin

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Urishay, Michaelchurch Escley, Peterchuch




Transcription of image 365

Clothy Hopkin


Presentment of the jury.




[These details were added to the dorse of the document by a later hand. Perhaps in 1818 ]


Transcription of image 366


Manerium de Clothye Hopkin ex parte Johannis Delahay ar.


Ad visus francki pladgii unacum curia barronis Johannis Delahay domini manerii predicti tentum infra maneri[um?] predictum duo decimo die Octobris Anno regni domini nostri Georgii dei gracia Magna Brittaniae Franciae et Hiberniae regis fidei defensoris etc. octavo, anoque domini 1722.


Humfry Thomas ar.

John Watkins yeom.

Thomas Smyth yeom.

John Jenkins yeom.

Thomas Prichard yeom.

James Gilbert yeom.

Thomas Griffiths d: Comb yeom.

William Griffiths yeom.

Richard Phillips yeom.

David Prosser yeom.

Evan Jones yeom.


Imprimis   Wee the said jurors say & present that all persons that were duely and lawfully summoned to appear att this court and thereof have made default are in the lord’s mercy. Tenants three shillings & resyantsone shilling per caput.


Item   Wee present all the cottadgers & encroachers now in being upon the lord’s wasts to be & that they are in the lord’s mercy.


Item   Wee present Thomas Maddox for keeping a couple of goats & wee doe amerce the said Thomas Maddox for the sume in six shillings & eight pence unless the said goats be put off between this & the next leet to be holden for this said manner.


Item   Wee present the highway commonly called by the name of Hewl y Môch Deeon to be out of repayr & it ought to be repaired by the Brinkers from the Urish Hay Common to the end of the highway which lead up from Coed Poeth towards the Hay & wee doe amerce each Brinker three shillings & four pence unless it be repayred between this day & next Michaelmas Leet to beholden for this said manner.


Item   Wee present Richard Gronow for depasturing cattle etc. upon the Urishay common having transferred his right of common in the said common to his tenant Richard Phillips by lease & doe amerce him for the sume in six shillings & eightpence.


Item   Wee doe present the said Richard Gronow for carrying of the furzes alias gors from off the common for which wee amerce him in three shillings & fourpence.


Lastly  Wee know of nothing more presentable att this time.


[signed by]

W. Thomas

John Watkins

Thomas Smyth

John Jenkins

Thomas Prichard

James Guilbert

Thomas Griffiths

William Griffiths

Richard Phillipps

David Prosser

Evan Jones.


ELSG image accession ref. cwmbran1 - 365 & 366



Transcription details are based on the work of Dewi Bowen Williams, see http://www.ewyaslacy.org.uk/Michaelchurch-Escley-and-Peterchurch/Manorial-Court-Records-for-the-Manors-of-Clothy-Hopkin-Urishay-Trenant-amp-Wellbrook/1466-1833/tg_mic_0127


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