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The Times, Wednesday, May 25, 1927


Press Cutting: Obituary Notice of Mrs Lucia Rosher

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Trewyn, Walterstone




Lucia Rosher who died in May 1927 at the age of 97 had a remarkable and adventurous life. She was the third wife and widow of Mr J B Rosher of Trewyn House who died in 1874.


She was born Lucia Anne Maria Morgan daughter of Theophillus Morgan, vicar of Walterstone


The Times,
 Wednesday, May 25, 1927




In 1884 following the death of her husband Mrs Rosher was involved in a law suit  with her step son regarding conditions in the will of her late husband Jeremiah Burch Rosher (1792-1874)



The Times,
 Thursday, May 29, 1884;




Jeremiah Lilburn Rosher was her step son by J B Rosher’s first marriage (History of Monmouthshire, Sir Joseph Bradney Vol.1 p243).

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