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The Rock & Lower Rock; various documents

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St Margarets




Statutory declaration 15 Jan 1859 by William Williams of Newton in Clodock, yeo., that James Prosser is owner and occupier of a cottage, garden and parcels of arable land (tithe numbers 583, 585, 588, 589) situated at The Rock in St Margarets.


Succession Duty account 27 Jul 1864 on property bequeathed to David Prosser of Michaelchurch Escley under will of James Prosser died 8th June 1864. Property described as A Freehold Cottage Garden and three pieces or parcels of arable land situate at a place called The Rock…in the occupation of William Pikes at the yearly rent of £2 0s 0d


Notice 15 Aug 1910 to make return re property in St Margarets under the Finance Act 1910, addressed to James Prosser of Altrincham.


Estate Duty account 31 May 1935 on property of James Prosser of Altrincham dec. including cottage and land known as Rock or Lower Rock with lands as above now in occupation of Mrs E Harris.


Statutory Declaration 18 June 1935 by Mrs Emily Prosser, widow of James Prosser dec., as to the descent of Lower Rock Cottage and lands as above in the Prosser family.


Conveyance 5 July 1935

Emily Prosser of 13 Harcourt Road, Altrincham, widow, Eric Prosser and Kenneth Prosser to Ellen Harris of Lower Rock, St Margarets, widow.

Consideration £25

Cottage known as The Rock or Lower Rock with parcels of land nos. 583,585, 588 and 589 on the tithe map for St Margarets (2r. 22p.)


Application for Land Registry search and letter re the above conveyance, 1935.


Schedule of deeds to a cottage and land known as The Rock or Lower Rock in St Margarets, the property of Mrs Ellen Harris.  Citing deeds 1859-1935 as above.



10 Sept 1935 Abstract of title of Mrs E. E. Williams to Rock Cottage St Margarets.  Citing deeds 1917-1935 beginning with a conveyance by Charles Prosser of Newbridge co. Mon. coal miner to Emma Ellen Williams.  The property conveyed is described as Rock Cottage adjoining Upper Rock Cottage and garden belonging.


Conveyance 11 Sep 1935

Emma Ellen Williams of Upper Rock Cottage, St Margarets, widow to Rosa Reece of Shobdon, St Margarets, spinster.

Consideration £60

Rock Cottage with garden ground at rear.


Conveyance 14 May 1941

Emma Ellen Williams of Upper Rock Cottage and Emily Luther of The Slough, St Margarets, wife of James Luther, to Philip Butlin of Erdington, Birmingham, retired railwayman.

Reciting death of Rosa Reece late of Middle Rock Cottage intestate and letters of administration granted to Williams and Luther.

Consideration £200

Cottage and garden called Rock Cottage with right to take water from a well on adjoining land belonging to Williams and right of way over the orchard situated on west side of the road leading from Longtown to St Margarets and immediately opposite the property for the purpose of taking water.


Mortgage 15 May 1941

Philip Butlin of Erdington to Lawrence John West of Bridge Farm, Kilpeck, farmer


Rock Cottage with rights as above.


Conveyance 30 June 1941

Dorothy Ellen Harris of St Margarets, sp., to Rose Maud Watkins of Gworlodith Farm, Newton near Vowchurch, wife of James Sheen Watkins.

Consideration £150

Reciting death of Ellen Harris intestate and administration granted to vendor.

Cottage and land called The Rock or Lower Rock with parcels of land as above.


Conveyance 4 June 1947

Philip Butlin of Rock Cottage to Dorothy Ellen Harris of Newport, sp.

Consideration £360

Rock Cottage with rights as above.


Assent 4 Feb 1949 by James Sheen Watkins of Gworlodith Farm, Newton, administrator of the estate of his wife, Rose Maud Watkins, to vesting of The Rock or Lower Rock and parcels of land as above in himself.


Letter 1961 stating that Lower Rock had belonged to the first wife of James Sheen Watkins.



Conveyance 1 Nov 1964

Dorothy Ellen Harris of Newport, sp., to Samuel Watkins of Old House, Newton St Margarets and Winifred his wife

Consideration £350

Rock Cottage with rights as above.


Mortgage 15 Dec 1964

Samuel Watkins of Old House, Newton St Margarets, farm worker and Winifred his wife to Lloyds Bank Ltd.

Rock Cottage as comprised in deed of 1 Nov 1964


Epitome of title to Rock Cottage, St Margarets containing photocopies of deeds of 1947-1964 as above and official search certificates 1947 and 1964.


Notes on the history of Rock Cottage taken from electoral registers 1835-1910.



Other papers in this collection comprise

Newton St Margarets WI Jubilee History 1952-1977. Printed.


Memories of Newton (oral history and reminiscences) 1995. Printed.


Photocopy: sketch of St Margarets church, 1851 and historical notes taken from volume at HRO ref AA17/191.


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