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National Library of Wales




Original document, photocopy


Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: John Smith

Place name:

St Margarets




Probate papers of John Smith, yeoman

Will included: yes

Date of Will: 15 May 1788

Beneficiaries: Thomas Smith, second son; William Smith, son; Richard Smith, son; James Smith, godson, son of William; Mary Waters, sister; John Smith, son;

Others mentioned: none

Witnesses: Thomas Williams; Ann Philips; Tho: Price

Inventory included: Yes, dated 14 April 1790, value £42-5-0

Appraisers: Benjamin Pritchard; Richard Williams

Will proved:  25 May 1792

Bond included: none

Other papers: none

Property/Holdings: Freehold estate known as [?Nenly kelin] in the parish of Glascombe in the county of Radnor; moiety of the estate known as Greegs Lands in the township of Newton, parish of Clodock; moiety of the estate known as Upper Gilvach in the parish of St Margarets


Will refers to burial at either the parish church of Blackmere or the church of Bridge

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Ref: rs_stm_0046