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National Library of Wales




Photocopy of original documents


Probate Collection; Will and documents for Walter Prosser, labourer

Place name:

St Margarets




1. Will: dated 16 January 1749
Beneficiaries: To Elizabeth Barnaby, spinster, all his leasehold lands for the remainder of the unexpired term, one cow and all his household stuff..
To godson, John, son of John Price of Michaelchurch Eskley, £5 and a mare.
To the 2 sons of his sister, Mary Sanders, £10 each and his wearing apparel to be divided between them.
To the son of brother Roger Prosser, 2/6d
To sister Mary Sanders and her daughter Ann, 20/- each
To Mary Barnaby, daughter of Noah Barnaby, a gold ring
All the rest of his money , goods, cattle and chattels to John Price to cover funeral and other expenses.

Executor: John Price

Marked by testator

Witnesses: John Watkins and Thomas Price.

Date of Probate:
10 March 1749

2.Inventory: [plus copy] dated
7 March 1749 , value £35 18 0d. Appraisers David Roberts and Thomas Price.




Documents include a separate registration instruction and coversheet only, 5 sheets in all.

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