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Photocopy of original documents


Probate Collection; Will and documents for John Phillips, gent

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St Margarets




1. Will: dated 6 October 1742 .
Beneficiaries: To friends, Walter Williams of Werndee, Clodock and Thomas Gwillim of Hunthouse, Clodock, all his personal estate and effects in trust to be sold for the best price and the proceeds to be used to settle his debts and funeral expenses. If this should be insufficient the trustees are empowered to sell up to £100 worth of timber off his estate to cover the debts, legacies and funeral expenses.
To daughter, Joan, his customary messuages, lands etc called The Hollow Oak situated  within the parish and manor of Garway. Also messuages, lands etc whatsoever ' wherof I myself or William Phillips my father dyed seized within the manor aforesaid'. on condition she lets the trustees have money for his debts not covered by the sale of his effects and the sale of the timber. If she fails to pay up then the bequest is nullified and the estates shall pass to the trustees until such time as the shortfall will have been secured from the rents and profits and only then will the estates pass to Joan.
To daughter,
Elizabeth , 40/- and to son in law John Symonds, 5/-
Anything left of his personal estate and effects after the payment of his debts to his wife, Mary.

Executrix: wife, Mary..

Marked by testator

Witnesses: Mary Evans, Walter Marsh and Henry Marsh
Date of Probate:
22 January 1742 .

2. Inventory: dated
7 January 1742 , value £183 6 0d. Appraisers Walter Marsh and Henry Marsh.




A two page inventory listing items room by room from which one can deduce he had a ten roomed house including cellar and pantry . His will shows he was obsessed by the need to settle his debts. Coversheet has been photocopied onto page 2 of the inventory; 3 sheets in all.

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