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National Library of Wales




Photocopy of original documents


Probate Collection; Will and documents for David Jones, labourer

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St Margarets




1. Will: dated 25 June 1731
Beneficiaries: Anne, his wife, 'a lease of ye Lord Jeffreys Esq. assigned to me by Walter Barnave [Barnaby?] and wch is now in my possession… for and during the term thereof'
Also 'another freehold [?] lease from ye Lord of Abergavenny according to ye tenure thereof'
After his wife's death this lease is to pass to William Jones, the son of his brother John Jones, whose life is already in the lease; subject to the payment of legacies :
To his brothers and sister, John, Charles and Anne 20/- each>
and 20/- to James the son of James Jones; 20/- to Joan the sister of James and "20/- to Luce [Lucy?] another sister.
To John and Elizabeth Phillips, the testator's sister' son and daughter 20/- each
Finally as residual legatee his wife Anne is to use the remainder of his estate to settle debts and funeral expenses.

Executrix: wife, Anne Jones

Marked by testator

Witnesses: Mor Thomas, Samuel Thomas, Anne Barnaby and Timothy Thomas.

Date of Probate:
28 August 1731 .

2. Inventory: [plus copy] dated
19 July 1731 , value £7 7 0d. Appraisers Lawrence Prosser and [?] Prosser.




Documents include a coversheet; 4 sheets in all. The term freehold lease is a contradiction in terms so it is not clear what it means but probably it is a 3 lives or 99 year lease.

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