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Catalogue, Lord Abergavenny’s estates


Lease for years/lives, Upper Maescoed

Place name:

St Margarets


1719 – 1780


D.1583.2.76 : Lease for years/lives, Oct 1, 1719.

(1) Rt Hon George, Lord Bergavenny

(2) David Gethin of Upper Mescoed, par St Margarett’s, labourer

A cottage and 2 acres of land in Upper Mescoed (boundaries given).

For 99 years from 29 Sept, 1719 if (2), Joan his wife, or John his son shall so long live.

Rent 4/- with 5/- as a heriot.

With endorsed memo by William Osman of 20 Oct, 1719, re assigning of the lease. Witnesses [?] Langford and William Osman.

Note re death in Feb 1780 of John Gethin.

D.1583.2.77 : Lease for years, May 27, 1740.

(1) David Gethin of par St Margaret’s, labourer

(2) John Philips of par St Margaret’s, gent

Recites D.1583.2.76.

Consideration: £32  Property as in 2.76

For remainder of 99 years from 29/9/1719.  The indenture to be void if (1) pays (2) £33/12/- by 27 May 1743 and £1/12/- on each 27 May.

Witnesses: David Gething the younger, Jane Price and John Price.


(a) Note re receipt of £32 from (2) to (1).

(b) Note re intention of (1) to sell above property to John Beavan for £19 (see 2.78).

D.1583.2.78 : Lease for years.

(1) David Gethin of par St Margarrett, labourer, and John Phillips of the same par, gent

(2) John Beavan of the same par, blacksmith

Recites D.1583.2.76 and 2.77

Consideration £19.  Property as in 2.76

For remainder of the term of years described in 2.76.

Witnesses: Robert Shaw, John Gilbert and David Roberts.



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