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Catalogue, Lord Abergavenny’s estates


Lease for lives and assignment, Upper Maescod

Place name:

St Margarets


1750 and 1767


D.1583.4.56,57. Lease for lives May 14, 1750.

(1) Rt Hon George, Lord Abergavenny

(2) Thomas Williams of par St Margaret’s, weaver

Consideration £20.

A cottage, garden and 4 acres of land in possession of (2) on Upper Mescoed (boundary given).

From 2 Feb 1750 for the lives of John Williams aged 27, Mary Williams aged 24, son and daughter of (2), and John Prichard aged 12, son of David Prichard of par St Margaret’s, labourer.

Rent 4/- with 5/- heriot and with suit of court.

Witnesses: E Staples, Rice Price, John Gilbert, Benedict Gilbert.

Endorsed: note re livery of seisin by John Gilbert. Witnesses Benedict Gilbert and Thomas Price.

D.1583.4.58 : Assignment of lease, June 1, 1767

(1) John Williams of par St Margaret’s, weaver

(2) Ann Gethin of the same, spinster

(3) David Price of par Llandewi Scyrud, co Mon, hubandman

Recites 4.56 and intended marriage between (1) and (2).  (1) assigns to (3) the property described in 4.56 for the residue of the said term, to the use of (1) until his marriage, then afterwards to the use of (1) and (2), then to (1)’s heirs, then to (2)’s heirs.  (1) also sells to (3) his goods, household stuff, cattle and chattels.

Signed (by mark) by all 3 parties. Witnesses: Thomas Edwards and Thomas Price with note that the above chattels include ‘one pewter plate’.)



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