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Catalogue, Lord Abergavenny’s estates


Lease for lives, Upper Maescoed

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St Margarets




Lease for lives, Dec 2, 1754

(1) Rt Hon George, Lord Abergavenny

(2) James Protherech of par St Margaret’s, labourer

Consideration £10/10/-

An old decayed cottage and garden with 21/2  acres of poor land in the possession of Joan Protherech, widow, mother of (2) on Upper Mescoed.

For the lives of (2) aged about 24, Hester Watkins aged about 29, daughter of Thomas Watkins of par Rowlestone, cooper, and Elizabeth Lewis aged 28, daughter of Samuel Lewis late of par Clirow co Radnor, husbandman dec’d.

Rent 1/6d with 2/6d as a heriot and with suit of court.

Witnesses: E Staples, Rice Price, Samuell Waters, John Gilbert.


Note re livery of seisin by John Gilbert, 11 Jan, 1755. Witness David Roberts the elder and Samuell Waters.

Note re surrender of premises and lease by (2) to (1) 25 Feb, 1783, in order that (1) might grant the same to Benjamin Prichard of par Clodock, yeoman, for the lives of the said James Protherech, Ann Lewis of par Huntington co Heref, widow, and Elizabeth Lewis her daughter. Witness Lewis Osborne.


See also D.1583.4.71

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