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Digital Images Collection [Index]: St Margarets Register of Baptisms and Burials 1768 - 1806

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St Margarets


1768 - 1806


St Margarets Parish Register of Baptisms and Burials 1768 - 1806.


To view images of the original document, follow the links below to download pdf files covering the relevant years. [The year divisions below are indicative only - see observations]


1768 – 1793 [2.5Mb]

1794 – 1802 [2.9Mb]

1803 – 1806 [2.3Mb]



Document is written on vellum which is in poor condition with faded ink, and is illegible in places.

The original document is quite muddled in the date order of entries with, for example, baptisms and burials separated by a number of years appearing on the same or adjacent pages of the register. The date divisions used above are therefore for administrative convenience and not precise. Researchers looking for specific entries/years are advised to check the entire Register.

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Ref: rs_stm_0130