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Probate Collection; The Will and documents of William Wall, yeoman

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1. Will dated 7 May 1677:
Beneficiaries: To daughter, Mary, best feather bed and '…standing bed whereon it lies', pair of flaxen sheets, pair of other sheets, one blanket and appurtenances, the best cupboard.
To Mary, wife of son William, a new bedstead,1 of 3 feather beds and a boulster with the rest of 'thyre apurtences'
To Phillip, son, one feather bed, a boulster and a carved chest.
To William George, grandchild, 'one kowe of the best'.
To William,son a blanket and all the rest of of his estate including '…all debts, bills, bonds and other demands due to me' except £5 due from John, son and heir. This £5 to be paid as follows, £3 to be split between son,Phillip and daughter, Mary, with £2 to go to son Thomas.
Finally 'I give and leave and bequeath towards the paying of my rents and debts and discharging my funeral expenses and the residue and overplus to be equally divided between William Wall, Phillip Wall and Mary Wall, my children' [the testator has forgotten to provide an amount]

Executors: Son, Phillip and daughter Mary Wall.

Marked by testator.

Witnesses: James Morgan, John Prichard & Phillip Prichard.

Date of Probate:
23 October 1677 .

2. Inventory: Dated
22 October 1677 , value £42 0 0d. Appraisers Phillip Prichard & John Myles.



The documents include a bond dated 23 October 1677 with the 3 children Mary, Phillip and William bound; 3 sheets in all.

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