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Herefordshire Record Office






Deeds, in records of the Rotherwas Estate and Bodenham family

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c 1290 and 1363


Title deeds:

AD2/II/133: Gift (nd, c1290)

(1) Robert le Rous

(2) John le Waleys and Isabel, sister of (1)

1 virgate land in the vill of Rowlestone, with all appurtenances.  To hold of the chief lord in fee by usual services.  Warranty.

Witnesses: Lord Henry le Rous, Lord of Allensmore, Walter de Badesthawe, Gilbert de Clehonger, Rogger le Walys, Poreward son of Knapyon, Rogger le Cansor.

Large white seal.

AD2/II/134: Gift 19 June, 1363

(1) John de Bodenham and Isabella his wife

(2) Andrew ap Ithel

1 messuage, 1 croft, 1 parcel of meadow with appurtenances in Rowlestone and land which formerly belonged to John Smert and Walter ap Ithel in ‘Trigrois’ and Rowlestone. Paying 4s for the messuage, croft and meadow, 5s for land of John Smert and 23d for land of Walter ap Ithel, with suit of court and heriot. Remainder to William and Alice, children of Andrew without legitimate heirs. Warranty.

Witnesses: William Mangeant, John le Waalsh, Hugh Gregeri, John son of Hugh Gregoni, Robert Lavendar. At Dewchurch Thursday the feast of SS Peter and Paul, 37 Ed III



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